Sunday, March 7, 2010

That's all, your honour!:Feb.28-Mar6

1. So the Prime Minister of our country visited Saudi Arabia. He took along, among others, Shashi Tharoor with him. After I think a day into the trip, Shashi Tharoor said this (he did not tweet, he actually said it :P) "We feel Saudi Arabia has long and close relationship with Pakistan and that makes Saudi a more valuable interlocutor to us". Now the dictionary definition for interlocutor is someone you talk to. In the context of his statement above, it is quite easy to interpret it that we are asking Saudi to sit in a meeting of Ind-Pak. Whether Saudi just listens to both India and Pak in that meeting, or talks there is where semantics kicks in! Shashi Tharoor came all out on the media, asking them to get the definition right, but quite frankly this time, he should have been more restrained in his comments and leaving room for so much interpretation was unwanted. His punishment - he had to take media management lessons from Janardhan Dwivedi of the Congress! LOLL.. am sure he will not repeat such mistakes for the fear of the punishment being repeated again ;-)

2. Just when we were heaving a sigh of relief that this entire M.F.Hussein overdose was coming to an end, some goons in Karnataka threw water on our hopes! No, they did not attack any M.F.Hussein's painting exhibitions. The story is this - A Kannada newspaper, Kannada Prabha reproduced an article written by Taslima Nasreen (ohh yeah, remember her? :D) in which she apparently made some remarks against the Prophet. It was published on Sunday and on Monday morning, some mobs took to streets in Shimoga (home district of CM) and then the violence spread to Hassan (2 hours from Shimoga, home of Deve Gowda). 2 people were killed (1 in police firing) and the violence was controlled after a day. Instead of unequivocally condemning this ugly violent reaction by mobs in these two places, our media again bought back M.F.Hussain issue, linked the whole thing to freedom of expression, and went blah blah blah!

3. In an unfortunate incident, a navy plane crashed into a building in Begumpet, Hyderabad while performing a sortie at the Air Show. Both the pilots died, and 4 people were injured. The entire Kiran flight has been grounded pending the investigation report. The main lesson to be learnt from this is that such shows should NOT be conducted nearby residential areas. The question is - will it be learnt?

4. In another unfortunate incident, 63 people were killed in a stampede in an Ashram in Uttar Pradesh. The stampede happened at the Kripaluji Maharaj where food was being served and utensils were being distributed to mark the first anniversary of the wife of Kripaluji. But here's the more disgusting part, your honour. UP CM Mayawati says that the state has no funds to compensate the victims! The lady spends a whopping Rs. 2500 crores for her statues and parks, but doesnt have few crores to compensate these victims! What more can we say about the level to which these politicians can stoop, your honour?


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