Monday, March 29, 2010

"Moron" & "Loser". Tryst with MSM - Part 3

Just when I was thinking Monday was coming to a quiet end, is when this happened!

Before proceeding further, my strong recommendation is that you go through this blog
here, which will give you the background for what I am about to describe here.

Now that you know the background, I asked another question on Saturday: "Dear NDTV. Your scroll now shows "Narendra Modi was served summons last week" can you please get your facts right".

And then I get blocked by her on twitter. Blocked for asking fact based questions, not even ideological questions.

And on Monday evening she comes and tweets something about Sania Mirza and Shoaib Mallik getting married. In response I tweet this:

Yes @NidhiNDTV finds Sania's marriage worthy enough to tweet, but not Hyd riots.

And behold folks - for what is about to follow is pure vitroil !

@ssudhirkumar you're such a loser, why are still here?! moron

I ask back:
I challenge you for a decent debate right here on all the topics I have raised here. Are you ready? @NidhiNDTV

And I get back this:
@ssudhirkumar No, not wasting my time with a low level loser! tata

Attached is a snapshot of her responses to others, justifying her words because I "abused" her. I leave it to the reader's judgement as to what kind of civilised and well-mannered person uses such kind of language.

PS: Thank you all who have replied, RT'ed and expressed solidarity against such blatant show of mis-directed angst by a reputed anchor of NDTV. All because I questioned facts.


quietist said...

It wont be easy for the media folks to consider themselves accountable, i don't think they are able to handle the scrutiny they are being subjected to, they are just not used to it.

Deshdaaz said...

Sudhir, You are not the only one. There are at least 300+ twitter Internet Hindus who have learned how low the ugly media folks can stoop on just about any issue. BTW, I am also one of the blocked by Nidhi. Sometimes I wonder if she is Hindu(Nidhi) or Muslim(Razdan)...I think that struggle has turned her into a trash, like ABCD's :) (American Born Confused Desi)

mvaru said...

Main problem with the media is they want to show they know everything and bit can't move in India without their knowledge. Look at 21st march and 27th march 62 out of 68 questions. Throwing rumours as news. It is high time all journalists should be tested for their knowledge in history of atleast last 10 years.

aaindian said...

Bad judgement & temprament by Nidhi. She has brought disrepute to herself & her the elite liberal media.
I have a feeling she will regret it, but not sure whe is 'woman' enough to publicly accept that.

Anonymous said...

Sudir, good job.. Keep it up.. Maintain the dignity and keep questioning

Mayuresh Gaikwad said...

"Reputed" journalist/anchor indeed! Sudhir, you are indeed a moron for considering her reputed :-)

Anonymous said...

Well MSM is stunned and upset by the fact that ordinary people (non jurnos) are exposing MSM's 3rd rate reporting skills....

Anonymous said...

decent debate? They do not know even how to behave decent! arrogant morons. Thanks for exposing these worthless creatures.

Anonymous said...

Nidhi or sagarikas or whatever they have to pay the price back for the damage they are causing to the Nation. Shame on all of them

Arun said...

I see this merely as the English educated media displaying its contempt for natives like you and me.

Fox became #1 in US by standing apart from the liberal crowd. There is a real business case for a similar channel in India - I only hope whoever comes forward to this opportunity does it professionally and executes well.

Anonymous said...

WeWell Done Sudhir. Completely exposes MSM.
wWWonder if you can file slander case for calling you Moron??

Anonymous said...

Ban NDTV!!!!!!!

chandu said...

useless reacting to one of TOP 10 WORST JOURNALISTS in india ... dont waste your time boss.... :D am not saying it just lik that.... search google by TOP 10 WORST JOURNALISTS IN INDIA 2012 u'l realise that :) cheers!!

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