Sunday, September 12, 2010

That's all, Your Honour!: Sept. 5-11

1. A flag was hoisted at Lal Chowk in Srinagar, the capital city of Jammu & Kashmir. Now, if you are wondering what the fuss is all about - take a look at the flag hoisted. That's right people - the flag of Pakistan has ben hoisted in Srinagar (so called national media did not cover this - not that it is surprising!). There has been huge unrest this week too, many civilians were hurt too, and the best solution the sincere most Chief Minister of this country could come up with is - "Amend or Withdaw AFSPA". And he took this proposal to the Prime Minister, who promised to look into it with all seriousness, and sources even started leaking out saying a special "Eid package" will be announced. Media as usual went gaga over this "Eid package". What happened next? The Congres Core group was reportedly split over withdrawing AFSPA and the Cabinet Committee on Security postponed its meeting! Sadly for the media no "eid package" was announced. The separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani was arrested and that sparked more protests. After celebrating Eid, more separitists threw stones (please don't ask why, this seems to be their only way of passing time). And amidst all this - Pak flag is hoisted at Lal Chowk (the same place where, at the height of insurgency, the then BJP President went and hoisted the Indian flag in 1992, and is the same place where separitists burnt the Indian flag in 1990).

2. Remember all that
ping-pong match between BJP and JMM in Jharkhand. Remember how the whole thing was messed up beyond control? And just when we thought there some lessons learnt comes this shocker - BJP forms a government with the support of JMM in Jharkhand. The previous Chief Minister, Shibhu Soren gets to become the Deputy Chief Minister now. Given that Arjun Munda is the 8th Chief Minister in 10 years (the "circus" is well explained here!) , we can all see that he will not last long. Plus, me thinks this is a wrong move by BJP (though politically it gets to benefit, it loses out on the whole "party with a difference" tag with this alliance!).

3. Well, this week has been a slow news week, hence the updates are brief too. As a closing read, please
listen to her highness Arundati Roy classify India as a "corporate, Hindu state"! That's all, your honour!


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