Monday, September 20, 2010

That's all, your honour! : Sept.12-18

1. "Go India. Go back". Thus screams this slogan on a road in Kashmir. Just days after the Pakistan flag was hoisted in Srinagar, this slogan gained prominence. On the same day, curfew was imposed in many parts of the valley primarily because Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, whom the Hindu calls as a "moderate", incited people with inflammatory speeches that the police termed as "anti-national". That's right - a guy who incites violence and arson is termed as a "moderate" and when questioned, executive editor of The Hindu, Malini P (in her capacity as a citizen) says this ! In the meanwhile, some loonies in New York desecrated the Holy Quran and worse traitors here created large scale disturbances. The result - 15 people die. And if you are all wondering, what the government is doing all this while - well, the Cabinet Committee of Security was divided on whether to agree to Omar Abdullah's suggestion of partial withdrawal of AFSPA, and hence decides to call an all-party meeting ! And after listening to all parties, it was decided that they all will visit Kashmir to understand the situation better! Again, that's right your honour - After nearly 85 deaths, an all party delegation will visit Kashmir! Almost all parties had a clear cut stand on what they want to be done in Kashmir. It is only the ruling party, the Congress which did not spell out any clear stand on this. The party President showed amazing ambiguity in her speech, when what was required was simple clarity. She wants the government to take into consideration the "legitimate aspirations" of the protestors. Legitimate, Ms. Sonia Gandhi? Pehaps a cursory reading of this article would help you understand the "aspirations" better.

2. A couple of weeks back, goons from Telangana decided to
threaten the cancellation of Group 1 exams. Taking a cue from them, lawyers of the AP High Court resorted to some shameful methods (some of them violent) to demand 42% reservation for Telangana lawyers in the High Court! They climbed trees, threatened suicide, ransacked the High Court premises, disturbed the court hall proceedings of a Judge, who got so miffed that he even resigned ( a first in the history of AP High Court). All this because they want 42% reservation in the High Court! Demanding is one thing, resorting to such cheap tactics to get your point across is a whole different story - a story that goons in the T region seem to have perfected. Chandrababu Naidu wanted to visit Mahbubnagar district and goons again blocked his convoy, threw stones at his cars, etc. What sense of perversion is this? And worst part - all this goes unquestioned. Such is the sad state of affairs!

3. His Eminence, Shri Rahul Gandhi has
enlightened us that "there is politics everywhere. It is in your shirt, your pants". That's all, your honour!


Teja said...

Not only would I never withdraw AFSPA, but I would encounter the guy/guys who has/have hoisted a pakistani (This shameful country does not even deserve being written with Capital "P") flag in Srinagar. I only wish NBK was Kashmir's CM.

CodeNameV said...

Actually I agree with Malini P. Of course Darwinian Theory has had its effects - positive and negative. These kind of statements, unfortunately, fall in -ve side of the spectrum (ohh not A Raja type, "spectrum" as in normal spectrum. Be a bit more liberal you right wing fanantics!)

But lets look at this again. Kashmir. Arey bhai sahab, Kashmir tho iss jahan ka jannat hai. Nahi maanthe tho Javed Akhtar sahab se poochiye naa! Jannat mein bure log bhi bahut ache ban jaate hai. Jannat mein Right Wing fanatics nahi hote, sirf Moderate pious muslims hote hai!

I must add a disclaimer that the logic behind calling those loonies "moderate" could be even worser if you consult a Malini P (P, it seems, stands for Partha Sarathy). I wonder Malini P would call the real Partha Sarathy, Shri Krishna himself, a moderate cattle farmer with an outstanding point of view on society or a fundamentalist extremist fascist right wing hindu God! No prizes for guessing boss!

Vacant Shanghai Days said...

Sad to see T-goons demanding reservations in each in every area.Previously APPSC.Now High courts.Next what? Govt hospitals?

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