Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can "you" really do it?

I know this might be getting excessive, but really see the need to document all such articles and coverage items on the saviour of India - Rahul Gandhi. Reading this article yesterday (where else, but on NDTV) almost made me puke.

For starters - "Students asked him tough questions about farmer suicides in Maharashtra". Not one mention of what the actual questions were. Not one mention of what the actual answers (if any) were. Just that he was asked tough questions. Why this silence? Why can't we get a full report, laced with facts rather than with fiction?

Then this - "There are three ways of entering politics, he said". And then NDTV goes on to report only the first method he describes. The other two - haa, go take a toss my friend!

There is
this PTI report on this report which is longer than this, but nowhere close to answering any of our questions. Here we are further enlightened that his highness was moved by the plight of the poor that he has decided to visit them more often. That's right - hasn't tried to alleviate their condition, but has tried to visit them more. What changes these visits have bought - we will never know, because we are never told.

What made me puke was this oft repeated line - "There is a fault in the system and you (students) will have to rectify it," he added.

Which BEGS the question - What exactly has HE done to rectify it? How can "you" change something that "he" has not been able to? The sycophant media has never dared to question this point in any of its "news reports". Don't "you" have a right to know how exactly "you" can rectify faults?


Anonymous said...

I don't even watch NDTV; an excess of kowtowing, bowing and scraping to Royalty. Fascinating expose by you.

Anonymous said...

"His highness" says "students will have to rectify the system" Every political "animal" from right,left and centre puts the onus on somebody else. Its only the Maoists, who say "we will correct the faulty system". Shall we support them?

kppradeep said...

Super and at least you talk the truth which the Media says is the PM in waiting. Just ask him to tell about all the states in India and its capital, he will fumble in such a way that even George Bush will feel that he is a genius

flawsophy said...

what's wrong with these students ... ??? I would never be charmed by another man. May be it's me

A hot heroine is ok ...or some talented guy is worth getting charmed over ... but a politician who didn't open his mouth on any issue till date ... and made unannounced visits to villagers along with TV crews - not charming at all !!!

Sudhir said...

@Anon1 - thanks

@Anon2 - that is a very contrived argument. Maoists methods of "solving" issues are totally unacceptable in any civilised society. Mixing up one argument with a diametrically opposite one, doesn't strengthen your case, it only weakens it!

@Pradeep - LOLL... George Bush will feel like a genius--- LOLL...hahahaha

@flawsoph - :D good question ;-)

- Sudhir

Arun said...

IIT body slams pay 'betrayal'

These IIT professors, ugh! Some even give them credit for India's progress. That is blasphemy, I say. All credit should go to J Nehru, I Gandhi, R Gandhi and R Gandhi Jr.

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