Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"The new Indira Gandhi" ...

Ladies and Gentlemen. Presenting to you, from the stables of NDTV, Priyanka Gandhi - The new Indira.

Text accompanying picture number 4 in
this NDTV link:

"Possessing the same grit as her grandmother, Priyanka has never hesitated in putting her foot down.Much like how Indira took major decisions that eventually altered the course of Indian history."

What are the instances when Priyanka has put her "foot down"? What decisons of hers are comparable to that of Indira Gandhi? What is Priyanka Gandhi's political experience? Running campaigns in her mother's and brother's parliamentary constituencies? Isn't this approximatly a month's work once in 5 years? Given that the constituencies from which they fight elections have traditionally their family bastions, there is really not much scheming and planning involved. Working in an environment where you know that victory is yours, really doesn't qualify a person to be compared to how Indira Gandhi, as Prime Minister took "major decisions", right?

But you see my friends, logic and NDTV don't seem to be very good friends :D

Moving further (photo 5), NDTV also emphatically declares:

" 'Mass appeal' is one among the many qualities that she inherited from her grandmother. Priyanka's popularity drew crowds from far and wide as she often accompanied her mother and brother to their constituencies of Rae Bareilly and Amethi. "

Far and wide? As in from other constituencies? Other states? Other countries? No - we are not supposed to ask. They will just write whatever superlatives fit into the sentence - facts ain't a concern here, you see!

The gem - Text accompanying photo 7:

"Priyanka is reputed as being a good organiser and is believed to be her mother's "chief advisor" on political matters."

What are the events she "organised" to earn this "reputation"? More importantly, can we start holding Priyanka accountable for both successes and failures of political decisions of Sonia Gandhi ? Will NDTV start asking political questions to Priyanka Gandhi from now on? Oops - did I just ask for the moon? :D

The Diamond - Text accompanying photo 8:

"The dressing style of both ladies has been quite similar too.Many manage to catch a glimpse of the iconic leader specially when Priyanka is seen donning starched cotton sarees.Looking impeccable, of course."

Seriously NDTV? This is NEWS?? starched cotton sarees is what is attractive?? Seriously, NDTV?

The bestest is reserved for the last. Text accompanying photo 10:

"Irrespective of the constant comparison between Indira Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, no one can deny the fact that Priyanka's aura is truly her own.Her poise and elegance sets her apart from all others who hail from political families. Truly, a radiant personality who is willing carrying the Nehru-Gandhi legacy forward, but in her own unique way."

Each word smacks so much of sycophancy. Each word is aimed at selling the idea of Priyanka Gandhi as the next Indira Gandhi, when she does not have a single success to boast of. Frankly, it is not surpising that NDTV has stooped to this level to hype up a member of THE family. What is shocking is the openness with which they do it, and yet claim that they are unbiased in their "reporting". Surely, the country deserves better.


Sumanth said...

NDTV is trying everything to make rahul as PM,if not Rahul they want Priyanka as PM ...4th estate has become family estate ..shame on Bdutt and other silly jounralists .Shame on Indian media

Sujeet 'Rajadhiraja' Pillai said...

This is true.. Come to think of it.. I've always believed myself to be a second coming of emperor Ashoka, I put my foot down the same way, have a similar moustache and part my hair on the same side.
I'm also a very good 'organizer' and have been known to give the original Emperor Ashoka a good amount of advice and guidance.

Ok.. In a couple of years I think I'll be ready to crowned Rajadhiraja, Ashokachakravarti II

Anonymous said...

NDTV is actually PET SLAVE of CONGRESS and Gandhis (Duplicate ones, not the original ones)

Ranganaathan said...

Maybe NDTV wants to ensure their cordial relationship with the Queen, they have stooped low, down on their feet as if pleading for survival. Now a doubt lingers in my mind, Like Indira maybe the advent of Priyanka will follow with Emergency & maybe MSM is getting ready to play the cheer leader. Nonsense from NDTV. Sudhirji, spineless media & bad for Bharath

CodeNameV said...

Last week when I saw Star News focusing its airtime on Priyanaka Gandhi's new hair style comparing it with the Indira Gandhi, I felt that there is seriously no way any one can beat that.

I guess the Gandhis might have called up NDTV and told them that they are not going to be get enough advt from INC as they didnt report the recent Change in Priyanka Gandhi well enough.

NDTV defeated Star News I guess with this Servile Commentary, frothing in the mouth about how another Gandhi lady is great,greater,greatest and the best of the current political lot. The bull shit on NDTV smells so foul that they invented an Aura which we are supposed to believe is a part and parcel of the G family. The shamelessness in showing this servitude will cost them dearly. At least I pray that it will.

I wonder if NDTV editors et al were offered a lunch with these "charismatic" personalities at 10, Janpath for their extreme and senseless submissiveness. This just shows the obsequiousness to which NDTV has stooped!

Ohh and BTW I think Prannoy and Barkha will be awarded Padmas again this year just for this sycophantic gobbledygook.

OzZy said...

Why are news channels doing all this? What's the problem ?? I mean.... So much crap on the news channels these days !! Anyone got any idea why this is so? If the answer is that it sells... then my next question is ... who is buying ??

Thyagarajan said...

That is a good dig. It is sycophancy at its best (or should I say the Worst. The NDTV team look like the mud clinging to the galoshes of the Congress most important family.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching news channels. I get my news from Twitter.

Nooj Ankaar said...

Binaca jee ki jai. Her is bigger and better

Sudhir said...

Sumanth - thanks for the comment :)

Sujeet - ROFL man...great comment!! hahahahahah

Ranganaathan ji - thanks for the comment :)

CodeNameV - ahh...so NDTV got inspired from Star News and wanted to do better than them huh? You can't blame NDTV for wanting to do better than their competitors, would you? :D Your anguish is totally understandable... i couldn't control my anger upon reading that article.

Thayagarajan - NDTV does seem to have mastered the art of hyping up the dynasty.

vadakkus - I still watch news channels because only fact based criticism will help in the long run :)

- Sudhir

Anonymous said...

It's about time they announced their official new name NDA-TV.

Anand Surana said...

congress has already started preparations for the 2014 elections. I have seen many people simply quote what they read, in their friend circles without validating or understanding about it..leave questioning. Slowly this kind of mis-information campaign will help build her image with people who just consume the news without any reasoning...unfortunate it is but it s true that these kind of reports are planted not without reason..sometimes to gauge public response..and at other times to do some brand building using the name of Indira and Rajiv.

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