Tuesday, August 24, 2010

V. Anand is not Indian?!

There is an International Congress of Mathematicians going on in Hyderabad. This Congress was inaugurated by the President of India. As part of the Congress, World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand was invited to play chess with 40 mathematicians. He also gave a very nice detailed interview on how he is excited to be playing with these 40 mathematicians.

The ICM also decided to honour Anand with a doctorate. Surely he deserves it - infact in my opinion this is a belated move. Anyways, now enters the dragon and here's where we all have to hang our head in shame.

The Ministry of Human Resources questions the nationality of Anand and therefore does not give permission for this doctorate to be awarded. Read the shocking details in this news item here:

The ministry sat on the file for months, questioned his nationality, chides the organisers for "holding a special convocation ceremony just to accommodate the convenience of foreigners" (Anand was to awarded this doctorate, along with another professor from Harvard).

This is a national SHAME. Is this how we treat our world champions? Is this the respect our bureaucracy accords to those who have been pioneers in their sports? He had to wait all day for some crook in the ministry to decide whether he was an Indian or not (and this even after the passport was submitted) - can it get anymore embarassing? Anand is reported to have said "I want my country back."

Reason enough for us to hang our heads in shame.


Ranjith said...

Just to put things in perspective : International Congress of Mathematicians is the largest conference for mathematics, where the BEST mathematicians in the world come together. During this conference they award Fields Medal -- the Nobel prize equivalent for Mathematics.


rone said...

is Mr. v anand being hounded because he is engaged in a chess initiative in gujarat?.Remember what Mr.Amitabh bachan faced?

gtoosphere said...

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keep up the good work :)

CodeNameV said...

When I read the Hindu this morning, I felt really sad. I was totally disappointed with the way the issue was handled. It is pitiable that our bureaucrats have completed failed in handling a small matter! The best part is Kapil Sibal's statement.
"Mr. Sibal said he cleared Mr. Anand's file on May 22, but there were five others, who were also to be honoured, and in this regard there were queries from the Visitor about an individual. By the time the issues were resolved, the regular convocation was over. The second time the file came, there were some queries regarding a foreigner's name who was being conferred a degree that needed political clearance, but there was no query on Mr. Anand."

Also read this " 'He has agreed to accept the degree at a date convenient to him,' Mr. Sibal told journalists.". In my view, Kapil Sibal would be the worst Story writer world has ever seen! Even a 10 year old kid knows that Kapil Sibal is lying without shame!

Wait a min this is not the first time we mis-treated out heroes. Remember Abhinav Bindra and how IOC made to travel to Delhi for a fitness test which never took place? We will never learn. Yet, when Anand wins the Grand Master Championship or any big trophy, we will all say "we are proud of Anand" and the President will congratulate him. When you do not recognize him as a citizen you have no reason ... sorry you we no "right" to be proud of his victories.

Let this be understood clearly. Sports champions representing India but getting trained or living outside India are actually being very Kind to India. India should be grateful to them, not the other way around. If Abhinav Bindra trains himself in India, would he even be able to qualify for Olympics? Had Anand stayed back in India and trained himself here, would he have ever been a world Champion? Our ministry bureaucrats must answer these questions honestly without bringing in Sachin Tendulkar here.

The bottom line is "as a country we do not respect out sports champions. They respect our country and that is the reason why they bare all these insults. Kapil Sibal and his ministry should be ashamed of occupying the high office".

Today I feel ashamed and I wholeheartedly feel sorry that such a successful, yet humble gentleman like Anand was to face such gross insult due to inefficient and self-centered "bastards" in GoI.

Thyagarajan said...

It is a crass behavior on the part of the Minister and the bureaucrats to have handled the matter very insensitively without n iota of pride for the greatness the gentleman has bestowed upon the Country in recent years. My head hangs in shame and I hope Anand will be able to manage in the same poise till date, when relating to the Country in the future. It looks like the Country would only like to deal with buffoons like Kalmadi, Modi, et all and no the genuine sports persons like Anand and others. Indeed a sad day for sportslovers in the Country.


prashhanthkpp said...

Under the present inexplicably corrupt, imbecile, pseudo-literate, obtuse & narcissist UPA2, any Indian can questioned for proof of his NATIONALITY except the virtuous 'blue blooded royal family of 3'. Shame on us Indians for electing a Union Government that has repeatedly belittled us in every which way you name it, be it politically, socially, economically, militarily and nationally.

Hang down our heads in shame!

SASH said...

It's just so silly ... we are issuing IDs for everyone including the illegal immigrants and yet, we have to confirm nationality of marvelous Vishy ... deplorable ...

hey, by the way i admire your blog ... a lot of passion that you put in to this ...

Sudhir said...

Ranjith - Thanks for those links on the Mathematicians conference. They really help in gaining the right perspective.

Rone - I don't believe in that theory, but if it turns out to be true, it is the worst that could happen. More shameful.

gtooshpere - Thank you for the kind words :)

CodeNameV - I was ROFL reading Kapil Sibal's version. You are right - man has no future as a story writer! :D. And the points you make are brilliant - that all these sportspersons training outside and yet retaining their citizenship are good role models too. The bureaucrats responsible for this fiasco need to be ashamed of this, but they will never be I guess!

Thyagarajan - you are right, couldn't agree with you better.

Prashanthkpp - totally emphatize with you.

SASH - Thanks for the kind words :)


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