Sunday, August 22, 2010

That's all, Your honour! : August 15-21

1. The Nuclear Liability bill is back in the news - and with a bang that too! First leaks this week, suggested that the supplier liability cap be raised from Rs. 500cr to Rs. 1500cr. Also, the time period before which a person can file for damages is now 20 years, as opposed to the 10 years before. And no private sector participation will be allowed in the nuclear sector too. With these changes in, the BJP also agreed to support the bill when it is introduced in Parliament. Great politicians like Lalu Prasad and Mulayam Singh Yadav now accused Congress and BJP reaching to the following deal - CBI will not investigate Narendra Modi and therefore BJP agreed to the deal! And they even stalled Parliament for a couple of days, over this ridiculous suggestion! The next day, The Hindu gives in a detalied report as to how the government is letting the supplier off, by making certain conditions contingent upon each other instead of being mutually exculsive. With the new proposed change, the supplier can be held liable only if there is a contract between the supplier and operator, and the damage is caused because of wilful negligence. BJP then submitted a note to the government saying that this change was not run by them, and they don't accept it. Government now had no option, but to remove "and", and the cabinet thus approved it. Now, if you think the story ends well - the government gives us another surprise! In it's final cleared version, the cabinet adds a clause saying the supplier can be liable only if it is proven that it was his intention in the first place, to supply faulty equipment! How do you even get to prove "intention"?? It is shocking, to say the least, that this government intends to appease suppliers amidst such widespread (and informed) apprehensions in this country. Also, as always Pilid Lao has an excellent take on the new bill. Please read.

2. You know, it pays to have a high profile Chief Minister for your state. Because then every bad thing that happens in your state gets national attention. Here's why I feel so. Last week, the Uttar Pradesh police
opened fire on protesting farmers in Aligarh. 3 were killed, including a jawan. Next day, Parliament was stalled by unruly members. That next day, BSP stalled Rajya Sabha asking for a enquiry on mining scam in Karnataka (revenge on BJP for "embarassing it" the previous day). The farmers were basically demanding that their lands be bought at market rates instead of the low rates the UP govt. is offering them. The violence later spread to Agra too. The saviour of all ills in the country, Shri Rahul Gandhi visited Aligarh to "console" the farmers. National media had a field time with this whole issue. Now, how many of you remember the Sompeta incident in Andhra Pradesh. Leave remembering, how many of you know it even happened! Farmers and residents of Sompeta in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh were protesting against the setting up of a power plant in their area. 4 people were killed in the police firing that day. That's right - 4 people were killed. No high profile visits for these guys. No continous coverage in media. And the event was forgotten within no time. Poor farmers - their fate that their Chief Minister is not as high profile as a Mayawati!

3. Do you want further proof of the dogmatic levels to which Pakistan government can stoop down to, through its idiotic thought process? India offered $5 million aid to Pakistan, as a humanitarian gesture towards its relief efforts relating to the devastating floods. Guess what - Pakistan took eternity to
decide on whether or not to accep this offer! That's right - Pakistan took about a week to decide on whether this money can be accepted! Reason: Because it is coming from India! While Pakistan was still debating whether to accept the aid or not, our Prime Minister calls up their Prime Minister and offers more aid! Again, that's right! We offered them more aid even before they "accepted" our aid. Anyways, finally saner sense prevailed and Pakistan "accepted" our aid offer (which by the way, The Hindu felt was too low!), and as a mark of gratitude, Pakistan Prime Minister sent mangoes to our Prime Minister! That's all, your honour!


Arun said...

Anyone wants proof as to how the Pakis are using CIA? Here it is.

What's in a name? said...

You missed an interesting tit bit.

While Arun Jaitley was making a valid argument in the "short discussion" on illegal mining in India....the leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha was being hosted by the Bellary brothers in Bellary.

Hardly any participant in the debate had the courage to mention the proper noun "Vedanta". Where they scared of the Home Minister?

One would have expected the Saxena committee report to have been vigorously quoted...alas was tu tu mein mein between the benches - drivelling admonition at best.

Jagan Reddy's chelas where there to use the "it's not just us" rationale.

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