Thursday, August 19, 2010

An Anti-India movement...

"Violence is the only language New Delhi understands"

No no, the title of this post is not my conclusion on the
ongoing crisis in Jammu and Kashmir. This was said by a Kashmiri muslim student, Ashma Rashid, last night on CNN-IBN. Sagarika Ghose was moderating her "Face the Nation" program, with 2 students representing Kashmiri Muslim youth and 2 students representing the Kashmir Pandits (an old post by Kanchan Gupta on their plight is here). And in 5th part of this video, at 1:30, Ashma Rashid says that "this is a people's movement.. an Anti-India movement" (twice that too!).

At the beginning of the show, another student Syed, says this at 4:15 (in Part 1 of the
video) - "Kashmiri people is on the roads demanding Azaadi(freedom). Demanding that we be heard." When asked what Azaadi means, he says this question should be discussed and there should be a platform. And we were all thinking this show was a platform in itself!

Later, Syed further goes on to say, that "I honestly believe violence is the only language that New Delhi understands" (Part 3, 1:33), while at the beginning of the show he says that he feels "insulted" because his justified protests are being labelled as stone pelting (Part 2, 2:45). When asked if the Pandits ever got violent (Part 5, 0:50) Syed has no credible answer.

At the end of the show, when countered (brilliantly by Radhika Kaul) that Kashmiris just doesn't mean only the muslims you are representing, that it is a very broad term and many people actually don't want freedom, Syed says hold a plebiscite (referendum)! And when pointed out that 61% of people voted in the elections, thereby agreeing to the idea of India, Syed says those elections were fought on Bijli, Sadak, Paani, Rozgaar (Electricity, Roads, Water, Employment) issues, and not on the issue of freedom.

Now, wouldn't anyone living in any country of this world prefer a stable polity that delivers to them the above mentioned promises? And when 61% come out and vote for those promises, are we to read them differently just because "Azaadi" was not on the table? And what happens once you get "Azaadi"? Accede to Pakistan - where you will have no freedom to talk as freely as you do here?! Or administer yourself as a separate country?

Organized protests

Again, this is not me blurting it out. "Hard work went into building the networks that have given the protests direction and focus" says Praveen Swami of The Hindu is
this detailed article today. In one of their raids, police have recovered photographs and addresses of 740 people. Guess what that chart was - it was "organisational chart of one of the multiple Islamist networks that had spearheaded the violence in Kashmir towns this summer."

While the famed english TV media anchors have been going gaga on how these protests reflect genuine anger, Praveen Swami in a series of articles has painstakingly exposed how these stone pelting protests have been planned and spanned over such a long period of time. Take for example
this piece, wherein he describes in detail how terrorists silenced (read killed) all those leaders who were in favour of a meaningful and peaceful dialogue. Or this piece, where he exposes first hand how "Islamist radical Asiya Andrabi wants schools and colleges shut. Her son wants a passport to study abroad." Not one mention of these folks in our national TV channels - only empathy with the stone pelters.

TV media's role

The conclusion of the Face the Nation completely exemplifies how the TV media tries to mislead. Sagarika Ghose concludes by saying the Kashmiri Muslim students have asked their Pandit "brothers" to return, and therefore all is well. What about the whole "anti-India", "Violence is the only langauge", "We demand Azaadi" rhetoric then? We are to forget it? We are to ignore it? Feel happy that the protests are organized, yet at the end of a 25 minutes show, Pandits have been "welcomed" back? Why don't we want to take this issue head on? Why this reluctance by the TV media (am not getting into NDTV's rhetoric, because a book can be written about it!)?

While Sagarika Ghose and Rajdeep Sardesai tried to take credit for bringing together this panel, the real credit lies elsewhere. The BJP got these students to Delhi. They are ones who organized meetings of these students (in larger groups) with a plethora of politcians over two days. Sadly, the media chose not to cover this. Imagine how much hungama the media would have created if Rahul Gandhi would have done the same thing.

Meeting with Nitin Gadkari and Chidambaram

Anyways, coming back - Tarun Vijay
writes here in detail about the meetings.

What stands out are two responses. One by Nitin Gadkari (President of BJP) - "We want you to make progress as proud Indian citizens... The integration of Kashmir with India is final and non-negotiable, from this point of a devotional faith to our nation, all other issues can be discussed. Education, economic development, better governance and a happier social milieu are what we wish for Kashmir and all our states."

Second is by P. Chidambaram (Home Minister of India)- "Be part of the Indian story. The rest will follow naturally. .... Can you expect a soldier, crowded by a dozen stone pelters and feeling helpless, just about to be lynched, not to open fire to save his life? You pelt stones, make security personnel targets, burn government property and expect us to remain silent and do nothing?""

Again, as the national TV media seldom mentions, more than 1200 policemen have been injured in the stone pelting. More than 1200. The inaction of the PM and CM + the glorification of the stone pelters continues....


pavan said...

i want to ask a straight question about the student statement ,,,,,

when you see the same thing happening in telagana and that is not a anti India movement but when it comes to Kashmir you say anti India......

what is the wrong in the boy saying

" new Delhi only understands violence" ,

why not ,

when trs made the same violence new Delhi responded ,why not now they respond to concerns of the Kashmirs ,

and dont tell me that Kashmir is different from telagana,i deadly can say that let people decide,why not

Anonymous said...

All efforts to unite India Hindus are futile. You see how media and everyone is playing. Its time for an end of Hindu.

CodeNameV said...

Excellent post! Sagarika Ghose again proved that she definitely suffers from Selective Amnesia. She would like to ignore outrageous statements of Kashmiri Muslim Students while deliberately giving too much weight to one or two Karan Johar type dialogues. No Hindu would forget that the same Kashmiris told Pundits in 1990s that men are to leave Kashmir, leaving Women and Children behind or face certain death in the hands of allah's men. Sagarika never talked about Kashmiri Pundits on her show. I would dare her to talk about the plight of pundits!

My only hope is that some day she will realize the incredible stupidity in her comments.

BK Chowla, said...

No part of the country should feel neglected,but,Kashmir has become more of an issue on which there has to be an understanding.We do not have any one who is an expert in Kashmir affairs and those who are with a bit of knowledge, have been playing politics.Unless,govt takes a firm stand and ensures Kashmir does not feel neglected, situation could be brought under control.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! You've brought out the bias of the mainstream TV media very nicely.

Re: the Kashmir issue- such a mess- it's difficult to see how it can be resolved when the Kashmiri Muslims seem to be so determined that it should just keep on festering!

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