Sunday, August 1, 2010

That's all, Your Honour! : July 25-31

1. In Haryana, 1 lakh quintals of wheat was left to rot in open area, for lack of storage space! This is not the frst time grains have been left in the open due to lack of storage space. This time, the loss in terms of money has been around Rs. 15 crores. Actually more than the money, the number of people who could have had hearty meals itself runs into lakhs. Food Corporation of India is the agency responsible for preserving grains. It comes under the Agricultural ministry, which is headed by Sharad Pawar! Speaking of rot, let's move to the next point.

2. Corruption Wealth Games. Some call it Congress Wealth Games too! Well, the actual name is Common Wealth Games. This time, New Delhi is hosting them in October. And guess what,
some stadiums are not yet complete! In 14 out of the 17 venues, electricty installations have not been checked. That's right - not checked! The inspection agency that was supposed to submit monthly reports has not submitted even one report! The construction work was begun very late and then it was cited that since there is an urgency in completing the projects, the rates need to be hiked up! Banned contractors were given contracts, testing criteria was fudged with, and safety precautions have gone for a toss! The saga is never ending ... Indian Oympic Association Chairman Suresh Kalmadi and Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dixit are busy trading charges. The Union Minister of Sports says this is like a wedding, where everything will fall in place in the last minute!! A whopping sum of Rs. 35,000 crores has been spent so far on this games, and we don't even know why so much was needed in the first place! And the costs still don't seem to we said before, the saga is never ending!

3. Bypolls to 12 Assembly seats in Telangana were held this week. These were necessaited because 10 TRS MLA's, 1 MLA each from TDP and BJP resigned from their seats. And suprisingly, TRS won 11 seats and BJP retained its lone seat (supported by TRS). And not only that, the margin of victory also increased manifold for all the victors. 3 TRS candidates infact had more than 70,000 votes majority. TDP lost its security deposit in all the 12 constituencies and Congress lost it in 4. And the biggest shock for Congress came when it's state President, D.Srinivas lost from the Nizamabad seat (for the 2nd consecutive time). Though this can be seen as a resounding demand for a separate state in these constituencies, we just have to wait for the Sri Krishna committee to submit it's report.

4. After a relatively calm period for about a week, the stone pelters are
again back in Kashmir. A total of 5 people have so far been killed in the clashes between police and the protestors. These protests were organised by the Hurriyat faction led by Syed Geelani, whom the state and central government don't lose an opportunity to invite for talks, while he encourages such vioelnce!

5. After the wikileaks episode, Indian media started wondering if it will have any impact on our talks with Pakistan! Yeah right, like there is something very new in the "fact" that ISI supports Taliban and other terror groups! Even if ISI accepts that, will our Prime Minister stop the talks?! That's all, your honour!


CodeNameV said...

Even after all this, Delhi will vote for Congress. Thats the beauty of Indian politics! Thugs get through. Others wait for their turn to be thugs.

Sudhir said...

True... Delhi voters seem to be the most perplexing of the lot!

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