Friday, July 16, 2010

"Useful" and "Constructive"

India's External Affairs Minister met his Pakistan counterpart yesterday. They addressed a joint press conference.

When Pakistan's Foreign Minister was asked this "We are talking about taking the dialogue process (between India and Pakistan) ahead. In this scenario, Hafiz Saeed's anti-India tirade is affecting the environment, was this issue discussed"

To which he replied (it's a long answer, but you will have to read it in its entirety. "We discussed it. Incidentally, the minister (referring to India's S M Krishna) raised the question that he was concerned about hate speeches that incite people, and that we should avoid them. I do agree that both sides need to create an enabling environment, and not let the climate of engagement be vitiated by these speeches, should refrain from negative propaganda against each other"

Perhaps even he was bored with the same crap being dished out always and therefore continued thus - (here comes the actual stuff). "When you point out to Saeed's speech, or speeches, let me draw your attention to the Indian Home Secretary's (G K Pillai) statement. The dialogue which was reported in all Pakistani papers.. Tell me, to what extent it has helped? We were of the opinion that it was uncalled for"

So first he gives a long winded answer, and then goes about equating our Home Secretary with noted terrorist Hafiz Saeed. Hafiz Saaed is on record for his vitroil against the Indian state. It has been our long standing demand that he be tried for crimes against India. And Pakistan now has the gall to equate that guy with the Home Secretary of the country (who said that ISI is behind the 26/11 attacks). So now blaming ISI and threatening India are on the same page. Infact
this report in The Hindu calls the Home Secretary's statement as the biggest irritant. Wow - look to where we have stooped down to. Yet, we chose to remain silent on this. Our great External Affairs Minister didn't refute the "we agree" statement. The silence is defeaning.

No no, we just don't remain silent - we are desperate to talk to them. We are desperate to see to it that the talks do not fail at any cost. Happen what may, the end statement has to be that the talks will continue. Our Prime Minister is just so desperate to have the talks at any cost - it doesn't matter what people feel in India about it.

Every single time talks are held, we are told that "Terror is high on our agenda", and then we are also told that we will seek answers from Pakistan on the progress of their investigations. Now, has any progress been made? Is India satisfied with their response? If they are, then why do they have to rake it up each time there is a meeting? If they are not, then what on earth is stopping us from saying that we really can't move further if you don't co-operate? Why are we treated to this shameful spectacle with alarming regularity these days?

There is one more dimension - the media's role in this whole saga. Why are sections of the media so desperate to cover up the failures of the two governments, when it comes to these talks? Why don't they show more guts and demand better answers from our government as to what exactly is the strategy? Why this blind following of the shameful planning by the government. Many journalists just dish out the same stuff again and again, and never once do they talk about the need for us to be tough with Pak for encouraging terrorists (who by the way, kill our citizens). Even now, sections of the Indian media are making desperate attempts to see the "positive" side of these talks - we will talk further!

Ofcourse, we will talk further. It doesn't matter what kind of shit is thrown at us; it doesn't matter what kind of vitroil is directed at us. We will talk, even if you don't wish to. Even if you continue to encourage those who kill us.

And ohh by the way, for the
record, Pakistan found the talks "useful" and India found the talks "constructive"


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