Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trysts with MSM -Part 8: "Assaulted" and "Hounded"

MSM stands for Main Stream Media.
Never knew Part 8 will happen so soon :D. Post the questions posed on the previous blog, this is the reply I get from the author of the HT article:

After writing a cover story in @
HTBrunch on Internet Trolls, I am now getting assulated by @InternetHindus and @ssudhirkumar

Yep, you read it right, for asking this and other similar questions- he used the term "assaulted" and was also
told that:

ssudhirkumar All these sentences must have some context, right?

And then when he was kindly
asked to read the links sent to him before passing judgement, he replies

ssudhirkumar Not passing judgement. But yes, I will read the links in a couple of thing to do, at the moment.

And when
asked if he would withdraw the word "Assaulted", he says

ssudhirkumar Nope. Sorry. It stays.

So anyways, since he
promised to read the links and get back, didn't tweet him further that day.

48 hours after this, I ask him again if he had a chance to read the blog posts and he

ssudhirkumar OK, since you won't stop hounding me, all I can say is that what anyone says to anyone is on Twitter is...
...their own prerogative. So if Sagarika or Rajdeep or Nidhi blocked you or was nasty to u, its their call!

Yep, again you read it right. Sending him 2 reminders in 2 days is "

asked: @pranavdixit hounding ???? Why should you use such language in the first place??? Is there no place for civilised discussion here?

For which he
says, @ssudhirkumar Is constantly sending me tweets asking me if I had the time to read your blog not 'hounding'?

ssudhirkumar Whatever. But I replied to you and that's all I have to say on the issue.

Fellow tweeple questioned him further, and he replied

SivaChandan I have read the blog. And iI still by what I say that what Sagarika and Nidhi have to say is their call.

SivaChandan If I tweet expletives at you, that would be trolling. If I say you are a fool, that does NOT equal trolling.

So he reads the blog, doesn't bother to respond and then says I am hounding, goes on to distinguish between a fool and abuse. Anyways, like mentioned before, a miniscule percentage of people "abuse" and how very convieniently they generalize! I bet we will see more such periodic articles in the near future, so that these journalists can further massage their own egos!

Thus ends Part 8 :)


CodeNameV said...

This pranav guy seriously needs to reconsider his publicity strategy on twitter. This way he is not going to add any new readers, worse still, he would loose existing reader base!

Anonymous said...

The problem with these so called Journos like Pranav whatever guys is, they assume themselves to be important. He must realise that writing for some nonsense paper like HT does make him credible.
Like all Indian journos, he is just another n00b who failed at other things, and became a 'journo' because he can write a bit of English.

Am sorry, but I have no respect for Journalists.
Please keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

*doesnt make him

Memoirs said...

Tell you what Sudhir. The guy doesn't even deserve this blog. He is one attention seeking trainee reporter in HT who decided to catch the attention of celeb journos by writing an article on a controversial topic!

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