Sunday, July 11, 2010

That's all, your honour!: July 4-10

1. For the first time in 2 decades, Army has been called into the disturbed areas of Kashmir, to quell the "anti-India" protestors. Earlier in the week, four more people were killed and 70 more injured in police firing. The state government then requested for Army help to contain this violence. The Home Minister has earlier said that there is LeT hand in these violent protests. Other intercepts have also suggested that some instigated, infact revealing some dangerous plans - "The sources pointed out that intercepts showed that hardline separatists had even discussed the possibility of killing at least 15 people ...". Yet, just look at how hopeless our government is. We are told LeT is responsible; we are told that the stone pelters are paid for; only 3 districts of J&K are currently facing this situation, yet the media goes bonkers about "Burning Kashmir"; the Chief Minister has woefully failed in controlling such situations over the years (this is not the first time this is happening); and we don't even know how much keen the Prime Minister is in resolving this issue. The worst part is that the Chief Minister has accepted that this has been a personal setback, and NDTV is going gaga over his "candid" admission!

2. Jagan Mohan Reddy has raised a banner of revolt against the party High Command - that too right amidst people. However, he has not formally announced any split from the party. He released a letter, written by him to the people of AP, wherein he explained how Sonia Gandhi was not too keen on his "Odarpu Yatra" and yet he thinks it is his duty to go and console these people. After he left to Srikakulam, Chief Minister Rosaih from Delhi said that the High Command was never against the yatra, but only suggested him not to carry it like a victory rally. Jagan is doing exactly the same thing now - he has asked why MLA's and Ministers were asked not to accompany him. He asked what sin he has committed that he has to be treated like this. He also asked whether those who died after hearing YSR's death news are not cadre of Congress. And he went on and on. He has been continously addressing rallies for the past 4 days, while consoling the families for about 10-15 minutes a day. Yep - the amount of time spent consoling is minimal compared to his time on the roads! TDP released the list of people he met and also released the reasons for their deaths, but no one seems to be in a mood to listen! It is all out in the open in AP, and as always the High Command is no hurry to take a decision.

3. And here it comes - ICC President Sharad Pawar who also happens to be the Agriculture, Food and Consumer Affairs minister of India has asked the Prime Minister to reduce his burden. The official reason for his request is that he wants to concentrate more on his party. We all know that he has to spend more time on ICC. If the Prime Minister had enough guts in him, he would relieve Sharad Pawar of ALL portfolios. But that's a little too much to ask no, your honour?!


Teja said...

I seriously think there should be a law where a minister is supposed to be doing nothing else while holding a portfolio.

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