Sunday, July 18, 2010

That's all, Your honour! : July 11-17

1. In yet another success story, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launched it's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C15) and placed five satellites in their orbits. The biggest highlight of this launch is the placing of the StudSAT - a pico-satellite developed by a group of undergraduate students in collaboration with ISRO. 35 students of 7 different engineering colleges in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh designed this pico-satellite, which is now beaming back signals to the earth. This launch is a big leap in the faith of engineering students across the country, more so because the students are NOT from the famed IIT's and NIT's!

2. After weeks of tumultous scenes in parts of the Kashmir valley, curfew was
finally lifted. An all party meeting was also held in this week, which was boycotted by the main opposition party PDP. Even the Prime Minister appealed to the leader of PDP, Mehbooba Mufti, who still refused to attend the meeting saying that there was nothing substantial anyway that will happen in that meeting. True to the prophecy, the all party meeting decided to "appeal for peace" and one NDTV journalist found that a very good outcome. Chief Minister Omar Abdullah also met both the Prime Minister and UPA Chairperson, who assured him of full support - now we just have to hope that such incidents don't happen again - even if they do, sadly no one will be held accountable.

3. Karnataka Governor H.R.Bharadwaj is a man on a mission now. He wants corrupt ministers in the BJP led government in Karnataka, who are involved in illegal mining to resign. He met the Prime Minister and also the President on this matter. And then he publicly demands that these ministers should go. Now it is nobody's case that such corrupt ministers need to stay, but the Governor must know his limits and act accordingly. He cannot fancy himself to be the sole arbiterer while dealing with an elected government. And while his Congress roots are definetely playing an important role in this over activism, it is important that we read
this article in rediff that gives a clear picture of the entire Iron Ore mining scam issue. Particulary it is of interest to note that the fake licenses to the trucks got issued from Kadapa, whose MP is Jagan Mohan Reddy and the district is a YSR stronghold !

4. As if his
rebuke in the joint Press Conference was not enough, Pakistan Foreign Minister S.M.Qureshi vented further frustration the day after it too. And all that while our minister Mr. S.M.Krishna was still in Islamabad. SMQ alleged that SMK got frequent orders from Delhi (duh - if true, where else will he get them from!), and that the Indian side has come unprepared. He also said that our "selective approach" is taking us nowhere, and he doesn't want to just meet for photo oppurtunities! As always, we have refuted his comments, and then said we will continue to talk. SMQ then later says, that he believes in talks. And as of yesterday, he again changes track and says if he is going to visit New Delhi for further negotiations, he will do so only if we are prepared for a "result oriented dialogue" and will not come for "leisure trips"! Speaking of results, Mr. SMQ - how about you show some results on the 26/11 investigations?? That's all, your honour!


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