Sunday, July 4, 2010

That's all, Your Honour! :June 27 - July 3

1. 8,63,000 people affected in India, in the last four months. Now wait - are you wondering if the number is exaggerated? Not a bit. The reason we haven't known about this before is because our "national media" to which we have access did not tell us about this. Official sources have told a newspaper that 8,63,000 people have been affected by floods in the past four months in Assam. More than a thousand villages have been affected, and not a minute of coverage of this news. 8,63,000 people!

2. Stone pelters are back in action in areas of Jammu and Kashmir. Infact, our Home Minister, Mr. Chidambaram has blamed the LeT for being behind these violent actions. That we wouldn't bother to raise the issue with Pakistan is another issue though. The Hindu calls it (rightly so) "
Kashmir's street war". Most of these clashes havebeen occuring in old town areas and as The Hindu rightly points out, sometimes invovled 100 people or less. In the latest round of violence, 11 people have been killed (most of them youngsters). All this started when security forces killed militants in the Sopore area. No sooner did the killing happen, protestors were on streets and they soon turned violent, and the result - 2 protestors killed. And the cycle continued - more protests over the next few days - more unrest in the areas - more killings. Media first blamed CRPF and then realised that these protests happen with alarming regularity. Then it was realised that all these organised protests are the making of separtist groups. An SMS is apparently sent, and immediately a small crowd gathers and starts these disturbances! And now the Home Minister has blamed LeT directly ! Amidst all this, all that the CM of J&K could do was to appeal to the people. This link on The Hindu website will give us latest news.

3. It happened again. 26 CRPF men
killed in Chattisgarh, by who else but the cold blooded murderers - Maoists. Ensuing debates again underscored the point that no proper training is being given to these CRPF jawans, and yet they are being sent to the war. And the sad part - no one in the media is even questioning why this decision has been taken.

4. In what can be termed as a major success for the police, Maoist 3rd in Command, Rajkumar alias Azad has been
killed in an encounter with police in AP. This man has been responsible for the killing of 2 IPS officers, attempting to kill 2 CM's, killed 1 minister, one former Speaker and scores of policemen. He has risen to the spokesperson of Maoists and this killing is a HUGE blow to the Maoists. Now, however, Gadar, the balladeer, calls this guy as "True People's Leader". Yeah right, a mass murderer is the true people's leader - haa ! That's all, your honour!


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