Sunday, July 25, 2010

That's all, Your honour! : July 18-24

1. More than 67 people were killed and more than 120 were injured when two trains collided head on in West Bengal. The accident happened at around 2-3 am. This is the 14th railway accident in the past 10 months, and the second one in Bengal in the past 2 months. As always, Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee says this might have been a conspiracy. Instead of concentrating on the relief operations, she went ahead with adressing a huge rally just 2 days after the accident. She even went ahead and blamed the Communist party for trying to sabotage the trains! The Home Ministry has differed with her, and said that this looks like a clear case of human error, and there is no room for conspiracy theories here. So while safety seems to be going for a toss, Mamta Banerjee is busy addressing rallies, planning protests and aiming for the CM's post in West Bengal. What a farcial railway minister we have !

2. Chandrababu Naidu came back into national news after a long time! Infact he turned a hero in Andhra Pradesh after a long time! He along with 76 other public representatives (MLA's, MLC's and MP's) wanted to visit the controversial Babli project in the Nanded District of Maharashtra. Maharashtra police stopped them at the border, and told them that they will take them to the project in their vans. Saying that, they took them all into preventive custody. Just when everyone was thinking that these leaders will just take bail and go back, was when Naidu said they have not done anything wrong and they will not take bail! They said they will not move until they are allowed to see the Babli project. Quite obviously, both the Maharashtra and Andhra governments have not imagined this twist, and with each passing day, Naidu was getting better press in AP. With the press starting flashing photographs of MLA's who were beaten up by the police, and carrying out multiple stories about the lack of facilities and respect to the public representatives of the state, bells started ringing in the government! Finally, all the leaders were transported to the Aurungabad airport ( they were told they were being shifted to Aurangabad jail) and forcibly put in a chartered plane. As
this Hindu article claims, Naidu emerged the winner in this round. Or as this cartoon calls him - Chandra "Babli" Naidu !

3. I think this is the first time, most sports lovers of this country wanted a bowler of the opponent team to take 8 wickets so that he can retire well ! Yes, am talking about the India- Srilanka test match where Mutaih Muralitharan needed 8 wickets to get to 800 wickets! And we obliged him too :D. Mutaih got 8 wickets in this match and retired with 800 test match wickets in his kitty. Looks like this is a record that will stay for a longg longg time to come. Look at the
list to know just how far the current crop is, from this record! Kudo Murali.

4. You should see
this picture! A congress MLA throwing flower pots in frustration! hahahahaha... That's all, your honour!


Sathya Siva Chandan G said...

Next CM-Chandra "Babli" Naidu.No Doubt.Except Sakshi TV,every one else were behind Babu!!

CodeNameV said...

Babu is a brilliant politician. This move caught not only the Congress but also all political analysts in India dumbfounded.

I was talking to my father on this recently. He said "Babu is a brilliant politician. This move was totally unprecedented. Everywhere he went, people were asking him about telangana. The descent on telanagana in TDP too big to make any comment. By letting Maha police arrest him, he made sure he was not available for any comments on Telangana, got himself a nice point to latch on that they were being mistreated and AP Gov did nothing to protect them! This is the ace in the hole. Now he is back and speaking all over the media about how horrible it has been. No one is questioning abt Telangana. All focus is on ineptitude of Rossiah govt in handling the situation!" I couldnt have agreed with him more. Winner in all directions!

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