Sunday, May 2, 2010

That's all, your honour!: Apr25-May1

1. It is common knowledge that there is huge amounts of corruption involved in granting permissions for Engineering and Medical Colleges. However, one wouldn't expect that atleast those who are incharge of AICTE(All India Council for Technical Education) and MCI (Medical Council of India) will not be directly involved in the rot. The chairman of MCI is an exception though. He is so dumb, that he takes bribes directly. And he got caught red-handed while accepting a bribe! I mean, how do people rise to such high positions without knowing basic rules of how to take bribe? Doesn't it surprise you? His name is Ketan Desai, and the bugger is now in jail. Government washed off its hands from the controversy saying, the council is an autonomous body and will take decisions on its own. That essentially means, there will be no full stop to the corrupt practices of these exalted institutions - only that the next guy might be careful not to take bribe directly!

2. An Indian Diplomat working at the embassy in Pakistan was arrested this week, on charges of spying. She was asked to come to Delhi to help on work related to the SAARC summit and was arrested upon arrival. Guess what she first told the sleuths? "What took you so long to catch me?"! Madhuri Gupta worked in the translation department and was apparently nurturing a deep hatred towards the IFS officers, and hence to take revenge, decided to pass on information to Pakistan. Yes, you read it right. The motive was revenge! A reporter of The Jung (the same publication that started the "Aman ki Asha" campaign along with Times of India) introduced her to some Pak diplomats and apparently she used to pass on information, which according to Indian govt. was not "priviliged". And if you want to know how our "intellectual" media messed up the whole reporting, read B.Raman's scathing piece

3. On April 16, CBI filed a chargesheet in the Supreme Court saying that it had clinching evidence against Mayawati on some corruption cases. On April 23, the same CBI said it is ready to withdraw all its cases. On April 26, the BSP announced support to the UPA when the cut motions introduced by the opposition parties come up for voting. Cut motions are essentially motions that are moved seeking some cuts in the taxes/allotments in the finance bill. With SP, RJD and BSP not keen to support the governement, UPA had a wafer thin majority, and hence agreed to lift all corruption cases against Mayawati. SP and RJD did not vote - instead they walked out in protest. The great Lalu even
asked why he will vote with the BJP when it foisted cases against him? When the cut motions were put to vote, UPA got 289 votes (272 needed for majority), and the opposition got 201. Telecom Minister A.Raja's scams have again been exposed this week. Yet, all is well - because Manmohan Singh is a honest and decent PM (it ain't matter that he has no voice or choice) and the "communal forces" have been kept at bay! By the way, the english TV media went ballistic on the opposition. Yes you read it right, they went ballistic on the opposition,the ruling party. According to them, when they knew they were losing, the opposition should not have bought in these motions at all!

4. Speaking of the cut motion, the Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Shibu Soren is still a Member of the Lok Sabha. BJP supports him at the state, and hence he is the CM there. So common sense would suggest that he will vote along with the BJP. Guess what - he did the opposite! Apparently the deal was that he will be made a Union Minister! But why give up CM post? The last time he became CM, he failed to get elected himself to the Assembly, so he feared the same thing would happen again. So now BJP will obviously get angry. They announced withdrawal of support to JMM. And then the comedy began to unveil. Shibu's son announces that his father voted for UPA "by mistake". That's right - "by mistake". Apparently, he also said that his father suffers from Alzeihmers! Now, trouble started in Congress party too - many did not want to include Shibu. Now, the guy is struck nowhere. And then Shibu's son apparently says that they will agree for a BJP led govt !! And when power is within reach, BJP also decided to dump ethics and is now negotiating with JMM and other parties on the modalities of government formation. Welcome to the world of Indian Politics!

5. So many things happened this week, and it's been a long update :D. So will end it now. Details of the Indo-Pak talks are
here in a separate blog piece. And finally - believe it or not - IPL is off the news completely! After FULLY dominating for about a week, it is off - just like whooosh! The aim was to unseat Lalit Modi, and that has been accomplished. All that news about franchises not paying taxes etc etc are all over now. Apparently, "everything has been found in order". That's all, your honour!


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