Sunday, May 9, 2010

That's all, your honour!: May 2-8

1. In early March, the government was supposed to introduce the Civil Nuclear Liability bill in Lok Sabha and it withdrew that proposal in the last minute (and old post here has details on this and the bill). The government then said that they will discuss more with the opposition and listen to their concerns. In between, the Prime Minister visited the US and told the President of US that he will strive to get this thing passed. Given the united opposition stand against the bill, it was expected that the government will not introduce it in this session. However, much to everyone's shock, the government chose to introduce this bill on the last day of Parliament session! Not a word was amended - the same bill that was not introduced before was introduced on the last day of the session. Lalu Yadav and Mulayam Yadav apparently are supporting the bill now. Do you want to guess why? Because the Prime Minister has announced in the Lok Sabha that the government will soon take a decision on caste-based census. That's right - just because he was willing to sound positive on such a HUGE issue, Lalu and Mualayam who have no damn clue on this nuclear bill have agreed to support it. What a farcial way, this government is going to get this nuclear thing done at any cost. It bought MP's to get it passed in 2008 and now is doling out promises without thinking twice.

2. This is not the only deal that the UPA has made with its allies. CBI cases against Mayawati were lifted the moment she supported the government in cut motions. The corrupt A.Raja still stays, despite overwhelming evidence against him. Karunanidhi does not want him to go, and apparently the deal therefore is that the Congress will get an additional seat in the Rajya Sabha from Tamil Nadu. Then there is Sharad Pawar and Praful Patel who continue to stay despite proven incompetance and corruption. And now this deal with Lalu and Mulayam. But hey, we cannot question because Manmohan Singh is a "decent" man.

3. Ajmal Kasab was pronounced guilty, and subsequently has been awarded the death sentence. This was an expected result. Anyone who thought otherwise would have been either naive and unbelievably optimistic. Our media, however covered this like as if this was a monumental judgement and the prosecution did an awesome job in getting him convicted. The prosecution lawyer, Ujwal Nikkam, even flashes the victory sign as if he just conquered Rome. Amidst all this melee, the TV media forgot that two other accused were held
not guilty. That's right - the police arrested two people from UP and the prosecution could not prove the charges against them. So who is at fault here? The police? The prosecution? Or both? Did they know they had a weak case? If so, why did they keep these two people for so long? These are the questions to be asked, in my opinion. But hey, instead we were all busy celebrating that Ajmal Kasab got a "fair" trial !

4. YSR's son, Jagan Mohan Reddy own Sakshi newspaper in Andhra Pradesh. When YSR was alive, expectedly the only thing that the paper did was to sing praises of the government. Post his demise, the paper started criticizing the government more than the opposition does! Never mind that it is the same Congress party's government. Never mind that the entire cabinet is the same too! The CM Mr. Rosaih is very angry at this development, but given that no one really cares about his feelings here, his reactions are immaterial! Jagan Mohan Reddy is on a spree beating the government schemes. The ironic thing is that all these implementation problems existed even when YSR was alive - so whom is Jagan trying to fool, your honour?!


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