Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bunch of retards

It is just difficult to get over this picture and the related news item on it, in today front page.

The background is simple. Sports Minister M.S.Gill mooted a proposal that the heads of different sports bodies should have a fixed tenure of 12 years. That set the retards in the picture loose.

First off all, who talks of a fixed tenure of "12 years" ??? Indian sports bodies are all riddled with ineffeciency and are mostly headed by nincompoops. Don't trust me? In the picture, just see who head some of the association. Jagdish Tytler heads The Judo Association. V.K.Malhotra heads The Archery Association. Praful Patel heads the Football Federation. Suresh Kalmadi is heading the Olympic Association since time eternal. And these people, who belong to different political parties are up in arms agains the sports minister for just mooting a proposal. Not even implementing, for just mooting it.

And look at Kalmadi's statements - " If you fiddle with the autonomy you get into trouble. If the IOC imposes sanctions, it can bring to a standstill all sports activity in the country". Someone should remind this person that the "sports activity" in this country is not moving anyway, so what is it that you will bring to a standstill you retard?

On top of that he warns, "If you fiddle with the autonomy..." Autonomy, my foot - Dude, your association runs on tax payers money,not on money that you personally invest to give such threats. You all should be ashamed of yourself for the present condition of sports in the country - instead what do we get - your threats! The most unfortunate and shameful thing is that these bloody threats will work, and these fit for nothing people will continue to head these bodies till someone in their family is read to take over and make more money. Who cares what happens to Judo players, archers, and football stadiums in this country?
PS: Sorry for the language, but these guys deserve much worse than what I wrote.


SysErr said...

retards is derogatory. f**ktards is more appropriate.

PS: Excuse the profanity, but these guys deserve much much worse than what I commented.

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