Friday, February 12, 2010

The eternal opposition leader...

If an outsider who is not conversant with the politics of our country comes and listens to Rahul Gandhi speak, I guarantee you that he will go back with the feeling that RG is an opposition leader waiting and wanting to usher in the much needed change in today’s world. I wouldn’t blame the outsider at all, for Rahul Gandhi very conveniently separates his party from the government when wrong things happen, and with the largesse of our national media, he has been pretty successful at that.

Just take a look at
this video, if you think I am exaggerating. This is the video where he is talking to students in Mumbai. The answer to every single question is either the system is at fault or because “you” are not plunging into politics. Take for example his highly intellectual comparision of us being asked to be in the “final year” of the college for ever. I still don’t get what that has to do with our education system being a “closed” one. Is he implying that our education system is as ridiculous as one not being allowed to graduate? And pray what exactly is stopping his government from “opening” up the system?

Follow any of his press conferences. He tries to behave like a teacher, assuming that the audience is naïve and tries to simplify things. I have no problem in trying to explain in simple terms, but when they border on absurdity to ridicule, shouldn’t we be questioning him more rigourously?

The very system he berates so much has been nurtured by his family and party for decades. The open system he so openly prophecies was possible because of members outside his family. Doesn’t anyone find it curious that he eulogizes the very people that kept it closed and totally + blatantly ignores those who opened it up?

Sadly, these are questions that we should not ask the Prince. Why? Because we are just satisfied that he is talking to the students. The content of his speech does NOT matter. What matters is that he spoke, that’s it. It does NOT matter that he does not know what the right to education bill does, he does NOT know about IAEA (when the whole N-deal thing nearly bought the government down). All that matters is that he is “charming” and young girls “love him”. I am not saying these words, the media itself said them.

Pick up any crucial national issue, and the understanding of CNN-IBN’s “Indian politician of the year” is peripheral at best. And here’s the best part. Rahul Gandhi’s speeches, ALL of them, sound like that of an eternal opposition leader. “System is bad”, “Delivery mechanisms are bad”, “No youth in politics” etc.

Guess what? His party was in power from 2004 onwards (I am discounting all those years “he” was not in politics). In these 5 ½ years, has anyone dared to question Rahul Gandhi, what “he” has done to change the “system”? What has “he” done to usher in the much needed “openness” in the system? What exactly stopped in from starting in a fresh revolution? What exactly has “he” done to make Amethi a world class constituency? Does Amethi stand out as an example for other MP’s to follow?

Oops, sorry. I cannot and should not ask these questions to the Prince because:
a. I will be termed intolerant.
b. I will be termed right-wing (whatever that means) and
c. I might be termed as being from the “opposition” party!


Anonymous said...

Excellent points. Request you to follw the 'prince' regularly and make objective comments in your twitter handle and make '#Rahul's Iq' a trend. A lot of young minds are deceived by his postruing.

TamizhKumaran said...

Liked your b) comment. Whenever these left-‘il’liberals can’t answer a logical query. They compartmentalize the questionnaire as right-wing.

Anonymous said...

Too good.. i agree to this fact.. very well said!!!

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