Sunday, February 7, 2010

That's all, your honour!:Jan31-Feb6

1. What happens when an economist tries to control foriegn policy? Both of them get messed up! As is evident from what is happening in our country today. We have an economist Prime Minister who doesn't talk and act about price rise but is obssesed with Foriegn policy!

There is a very high probability that our Prime Minister will win a Nobel Peace Prize, for his untiring efforts to make peace with Pakistan and for his unwillingness to guage public opinion in the country. Just days after the Home Minister and the External Affairs Minister said that they are not satisfied with Pakistan's response, just days after that spooky arrogant Foriegn Minister of Pakistan, Qureshi called us "shy", news leaked out that our Foriegn Secretary has alread extended an invitation to talk to her counterpart. Here's the best part - Pakistan is yet to respond to this offer because they are not happy with the offer! So what does our establishment do? Sources from NDTV revealed that India has agreed to talk about Balochistan also, and will include terror in a big way in these talks! So, all that humbug about "bad drafting" during Sharm-el-Sheikh finally turned out to be bogus. But hey, our PM is decent, humble and an integral man, so let's not question his judgement. Please.

2. Shahrukh Khan owns an IPL team. His team, along with all other IPL teams did NOT buy any Pakistani players. Then, just because his movie is releasing, our hero projects his "holier than thou" attitude by saying that they should have been bought in the first place. Frankly, I didn't care about that statement, but what followed from his precious mind is what still disturbs me. He credits Pakistan to have been a "great neighbour", they have always been "good neighbours" but we have to take into account the times we are in. A "great neighbour" does not keep quiet when his home is being used to attack yours.A "great neighbour" will not spread hatred withing, just for the kick of it. And please spare me of this lecture that the civil society of Pakistan is not bad. There is not denying that fact, but sadly it is not they who control what the establishment in the "great neighbour" does. And the icing on the cake was our hero says he just said what every Indian should have. Shiv Sena's rhetoric and threat to violence is deplorable, just as TRS' is. They just chose the wrong way to oppose SRK, but what SRK said is completely unacceptable(atleast to me). To hell with his movie, whatever it's "name" is!

3. Wait, by the way, the Prime Minister has announced this week that the worst is over with respect to the food prices. If you think that means Sharad Pawar is resigning, you are mistaken! He actually says prices will go down, because we have good amounts of storage etc. When he says the worst is over, he actually doesn't mean it because check out next - food inflation will increase! It's just UPA's way of projecting that magnificient work has been done to bring the prices down.

4. Finally, a committee on Telangana was formed. Justice B.N.Srikrishna, the man famous for heading the commission to probe into the Mumbai riots of 1993, is heading this committee. There are 4 other members, none of whom are remotely concerned with the Telangana/United Andhra Struggle. They are academics, and therefor I need not say anything about it's composition! Let's not forget that the terms have not yet been decided..patience my dear friend, patience. That's the Chidambaram style!

5. Your honour, my apologies for not writing about Rahul Gandhi's "bravado" in Mumbai and the subsequent drooling by the media in general, NDTV in particular. But this space is not enough to express my feelings! A fresh blog post will appear soon...until then, tata! (click here)

6. And finally, in this piece, Hasan Suroor blames a well known Delhi based Journalist for hijacking the agenda of the Afghan Summit. NDTV's Barkha Dutt was there in London. She interviewed both S.M.Krishna, and S.M.Qureshi. It was on her show that Qureshi called us "shy". No, I am not saying she was the one Hasan is referring to, I am just saying what I saw on TV. I don't want to get sued. That's all, your honour!


Teja said...

I think this is the first time I am ashamed of being an Indian. I am at loss of words to describe my anger against our pathetic PM. I am not sure what got into his head. I have no idea why we should talk to Pakistan when they have done nothing about the man behind terror and is freely giving speeches in Pakistan. Pakistan sucks but so does our PM.

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