Sunday, February 14, 2010

That's all, your honour!: Feb 7-13

1. Just a week after the JuD chief publicly declared that Pune is one of their targets, there was a bomb blast in Pune! This is very similar to the Gokul Chat bomb blast in Hyderabad 3 years ago. The target was the famous German Bakery in Pune. 9 people have died and 60 of them have been injured.This was just 200 yards away from the Osho ashram. And Osho Ashram is one of the places that David Headley recce'd ! All this information was just coming out yesterday after the bomb blast! The centre has announced that intelligence was passed onto the Maharashtra government about Pune being a possible terror target, but as always the deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra says the intel was not specific! Yeah right, they should have given the door number, time and method of execution so that these buggers could have acted.

It is very clear that the political leadership of the state has utterly failed in assesing the intel reports. The Home Minister of Maharashtra, R.R.Patil has again hopelessly failed in protecting the lives of citizens. What just stopped the government from alerting all popular places in Pune of a possible attack, when a mainstream newspaper published such crucial information? And finally to ignore the complete diversion of police force towards the security of a film as a possible cause cannot be ruled out, howmuch ever a famous journo from NDTV lives in self denial.

2. Another sad incident that occured this week was that 17 jawans were killed in two avalanches in Jammu and Kashmir. More than 300 were trapped and succesfully rescued too.

3. Finally the terms of the Justice Sri Krishna Committee have been
released. Just after reading the first term, it was very clear that the committee will study the need for Telangana instead of when to grant Telangana! Just the first term was enough for the activitsts of Telangana to mouth off and then call for another bandh! TRS announced immediate resignations. Thankfully, congress and TDP leaders are treading a little carefully on this matter. For now, all that I know is that there is more violence in store!

4. A full 3 weeks after India proposed talks to Pakistan, the "great neighbour" has accepted the offer. Please note that they "accepted" after 3 weeks. All along, they sat on our head to talk, and when we propose, they take 3 weeks. Hey, but that's ok. We will swallow all their rhetoric, insults and hate mongering. For our PM is decent and he can do no wrong.

5. Have consciously avoided writing about the way media crawled this whole of last week, vis-a-vis many issues, for it merits a separate blog piece! Next week :). That's all, your honour!


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