Friday, February 26, 2010

Salman Bashir - The Dude!

Yaawwnnn. This is how practically every journalist who was the press conference of the Forieign Secretary of Pakistan felt last evening. Any question was invariably answered to test the patience limits of all those present there. And more importantly, the tone, the language and the content of his answers was just so despicable that one started wondering as to why we are even talking to Pakistan.

Yesterday was when the two foreign secretaries met in New Delhi (for something like, to give peace a chance, blah blah). After the meeting, the Indian foreign secretary met the press, and took some questions. All answers were on expected lines. We discussed terror, they did bring up Kashmir and we stated our positions etc etc. So far so good.

At around 5:40pm, the Pakistan Foreign Secretary, Mr Salman Bashir (hereinafter referred to as the Dude!), started addressing his press conference. And all pieces slowly started falling apart. The Dude tells us not to lecture Pakistan. When asked about the dosseirs, the Dude tells us they want concrete proof and not "literature". And then the Dude goes on to lecture us on how the talks should be held, and how we are being unreasonable in talking about only terror, and how Kashmir is the core issue blah blah...yaawwwnnnn. The Dude then tells us that their country has seen 1000's of Mumbai and how their country is also a victim of terror. Never mind that the Dude forgot that terror was of their own making, and that they are trapped in the grave that they have dug!

Hey, if you think the Dude was only serious and had no sense of humour, then you are mistaken my friend. With a wry smile, our Dude tells us "We know that all is not well". What a humour, man...what a humour. Also, the Dude also tells that our Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, is a man of vision. The Dude used our country to tell us how we should be handling terror related issues and he also reminded us that his country is a also a victim of terror. The Dude spoke like a politician, and rubbed tonnes of salt on our wounds. This prompted some "sources" to tell CNN-IBN that India is not desperate for talks; the Dude has been briefed by the army; 85% of the talks concentrated on terror; that the Dude's country is not serious about dealing with terrorists.

And so ended the farce called Indo-Pak talks.

No future date has been set, but common sense suggests that we hold off till action is taken against the 33 new names of the conspirators we gave to them in the 3 new dossiers yesterday. However, the big question is - at the higher echelons of the government, will common sense prevail?


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