Sunday, February 21, 2010

That's all, your honour!: Feb14-20

1. What will you do, if you get an intelligence report, saying that a group of 35 naxals (I know they are now called Maoists, but I don't care for the nomenclature) have assembled within a 4-5km radius of a camp inhabited by Jawans? You will alert them. What did the West Bengal Government do? It waited to see if the next intelligence report will give them the exact place and time of their next strike. And so while they waited, what happened? This group of Naxals went and attacked the camp, where the Jawans were caught unawares; killed 24 of them; injured seven more; took away all the guns; burnt the place; and then planted landmines along the road to this camp in Silda, West Bengal. Some very good investigative reporting by CNN-IBN has also revealed that the intelligence report was recieved not just on the previous day of the attack but also at 2:30pm on the day of the attack (the camp was attacked at around 6pm). The investigation also revealed that 3-4 lady naxals disguised themselves as prostitutes and first approached the camp. Jawans did get distracted, and what followed was bloodbath. And then Chidambaram asks why the "intellectuals" still support the Naxals. And it was then that NDTV picked up this attack story as its main topic and led many many discussions on this same topic "Is it time to stop romanticising Naxals"? It was time, longggg time ago... you only woke up after PC questioned it! All outraged, right (meaning correct, not right-wing) thinking persons in this country have abhorred violence whatever name it took. It doesn't take multiple debates on NDTV to confirm this elementary fact. The offer to talk to them is still open says PC, but they have to lay down their weapons. Their condition (yes, they have the nerve to put conditions too) is that the state has to stop it's attrocities on people. huh? Dude, just buzz off, ok? You have a freaking problem with the system and want to fight it, we dare you to contest elections. Hiding under a mask and killing innocent people is just cowardice. Shame on you.

2. And then there is Pakistan which is apparently "unhappy" that we are not willing to restart the composite dialogue with them! From where do these people get the nerve to demand things? India will talk about only thing for now - what the hell have you been doing to control terror camps in your country. That's all we will talk about. If you want to talk about the revenues generated by that sick film MNIK, fine then. You talk, we won't even bother to listen. Already there is deep divide amongst the top most executives of the government on whether we should talk or not, and Pakistan wants us to talk about trade and commerce among other things. yeah right! Speaking of the divide, from the many reports coming out this week, it was very clear that only the Prime Minister wants to talk and no one in the government is very keen on this initiative. Who cares, for our PM is a decent and honest person; it is totally unfair of us to even demand him to atleast address the nation and ask why this shift in stance.

3. KCR is a not just a funny man, but unfit to the core too. Not that you don't know that fact, but something that happened this week just reiterated it. This guy has resigned some zillion times before and yet can't it right ever! His latest resignation was rejected by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha on grounds that it was not in the proper format. hahahahahaha..comon dude, get it right just once in your life! Speaking of resignations, AP Assembly Speaker accepted the resignation of all the TRS MLA's, plus he also accepted 1 BJP MLA and 1 TDP MLA's resignations. He must have thought - good riddance! Very conveiniently, he said he needs more time for accepting 2 congress MLA's resignations. And ofcourse, the High Command reigned them in, and dudes have withdrawn their resignations. Anyways, KCR is the greatest. That's all, your honour!


Anonymous said...

More funny is that it takes the speaker more than a month to figure out that it was not in the proper format!! The pace at which our Govt works I guess!

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