Friday, February 3, 2012

"Reading" the judgement...

The irony was too stark to miss. 

Yesterday morning, Rajdeep Sardesai tweets this

Only wish our netas would read the judgement before commenting on it. Guess thats the peril of 24 x7 tv!

I replied back saying that the same happens in TV studios too, but left the topic there. Little did I realise what was to come in the night. 

In the night, he tweeted this :) 

Reading SC judgement on way back from office. Maybe one should have stayed a lawyer, really finely balanced judgement!


The full judgement did not come out in the morning. TV media ran full day shows, sought views from all and sundry. The full judgement was available from about 4pm. TV media shows ended at 11pm. And these folks read the document after conducting their shows! 

In response to fellow tweeter's query, Rajdeep had this to say:

@emanin read the main points in the day. now reading the fine print. devil often in the detail!

Again, sigh! 


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