Sunday, February 19, 2012

That's all, Your Honour!: Feb. 12-18

1. Last Monday, an Israeli diplomat's car was bombed. Apparently, motor cyclist planted it below the car. A similar attempt occured on the same day in Georgia too! Israel was quick to accuse Iran of masterminding these bombings. Iran was quick enough to reject this allegation. Police are saying that the bomb would have exploded within 3-5 seconds of attaching it to the car, and are looking at CCTV footage from nearby areas. The blast location is ~500 metres from the PM's residence, and this is what is worrying security experts! How can someone just plant a bomb and get away with it just so close to the PM's residence! And that too - this happened to be a planned attack on an Israeli diplomat! Investigations are still on - and knowing the speed at which we work - we can be rest assured they will go on and on! 

2. In another brutal incident, Italian navymen fired at and killed two of our citizens off the Kerala coast. These personnel were on an oil tanker, and saw a small boat approaching their ship. Without any provocation, these personnel started firing and killed two fishermen on that boat. The ship is now parked at the coast, but curiously no arrests have been made yet. Italians authorities tried to tell us that there was provocation and hence they fired - but that turned out to be entirely false. This incident also happened on our waters - so the matter is pretty serious. However, we are yet to arrest any crew member - not even a single arrest has been made so far! 

3. It's been a slow week. Not much to debate/discuss about. However, to end with - sample this news! The son of the President of India has been caught with cash of Rs. 1 crore! Last week, elections were held for 10 municipalities in Maharashtra, and the son who is also an Congress MLA was caught with this cash tells the media that this was meant for "poor candidates" in the elections! That's all, your honour! 


CodeNameV said...

Also, to add for the convenience of your readers, the AP budget proposals have been placed on the floor of the house. These proposals are going to be accepted.

The government which is lavishly spending huge, as if public money is in the manner of speaking "vadi abba sothu", announced "more" spending despite dwindling cash reserves.

That few national newspapers/24x7 news studios actually at least went into details of AP's budget is a testimony of the fact that AP is "absolutely and unconditionally neglected by GoI and the media alike". The same AP is used as a reference of development by our very own Prince Rahul Gandhi in many of his election speeches.

Next year is going to be tough for AP. Mark my words.

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