Friday, February 3, 2012

Boycott this cheapster, Mani Shankar Aiyar.

Please excuse the language. But cheapster is a very decent way of describing this man, especially after what he did yesterday. 

That's an TV talk show in Pakistan, hosted by Hamid Mir. Mani Shankar Aiyar is a panelist. And about 8-9 minutes into the show, Hamid Mir brings in the most wanted terrorist by India, Hafiz Saeed onto the show. Hafiz Saeed has been named by the government of India as one of the prime accused of the 26/11 Mumbai carnage. The government has been on record saying that his hate filled speeches are derailing the "peace process". 

Any self respecting Indian would have just left the show then. But then he chose to stay. Hamid Mir addresses him as Hafiz "sahab" and seeks his opinion on talks etc. 

And then, Hamid Mir himself asks Aiyar if he is feeling bad that he got Hafiz Saeed onto the show. Even the Pak anchor is sceptical about this - but what does this cheapster do? Mani Shankar addresses this dreaded terrorist, this brutal assasin of our citizens, as "sahab".

Yes folks - at 11:50 in this video, this cheapster gives respect to the murderer of his fellow citizens. Can anything be more disgusting than this? Why this urge to stoop to such dastardly levels? 

The least we can do is to boycott this former Sports minister of the congress-led UPA. I urge that you change channel when he appears on TV shows. Make no mistake, appear he will - for our news channels won't boycott him. Well, atleast I am not as broadminded as our anchors and liberals - hence this call to boycott this cheapster. I sincerely hope that the opposition parties also boycott this man when he speaks in the Rajya Sabha, but that's now our call. Don't watch him on TV. Don't read what he writes. That's the least we can do. 


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Rising Gladiator said...

More dreaded part is - either he diluted the case against saeed, by comparing him with few Indians who oppose peace process. As in can mr. saeed, show up one Saeed in India who is international terrorist and run muck in other countries with terror activities? In India till now all the charge shetted and convict terrorist are from Pak' terrorist camp some due to blessing of Hafiz saeed also. As a diplomat, he was atleast expected to shut saeed who called 11 Indian dossiers as mere propaganda

Aiyar goes on to **** up to pak establishment and media, and leaves nothing but to praise them, even says he believes in Pak 1lac%, even wen 26/11 case has not moved further. didnt even mention that for once, has UPA consider 26/11 anbd all other terror activities of Pak to b a closed chapter now?

There is also a point to think, now MMS will try everything to resolve peace process with Kashmir as required by US, and in return seek support of US to stabilize Indian political crisis and election again

Roberto el Sandriano said...

This a follow-up to Digvijay Singh's utmost respect to the most wanted terrorist Osama 'ji'.

They have a long tradition of respecting Islamic terrorists for petty politics with scant respect to those Indians who lost their lives because of these 'maut ke saudagars'.

Adnan Qureshi said...

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