Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not unemployed anymore ...

It is not often that you wake up to such news on the front page.

State mulls dole to jobless youth

Another visionary scheme being thought over by the visionary government.

" pay unemployment allowance of Rs.500 for those who have passed SSC or have lesser qualification and Rs.750 to those who have Intermediate or equivalent qualification. Graduates and other professionally qualified are likely to be paid Rs.1,000 a month. "

So, if you pass 10th - earn Rs. 500/- per month without doing anything. If you pass Intermediate, earn Rs. 750/- without doing anything.

Apparently, this scheme is being designed to attract youth towards the congress party! If this does not amount to bribing the unemployed youth to vote for the congress, then what exactly is this?

And from whose pocket this money will come from? Ours - the tax payers. Yesterday, our visionary Chief Minister also said that collecting tax was similar to bees sucking honey without disturbing the fabric of the flower (or something similar to this) - essentially he is saying, we will suck as much as possible from you, the tax payer. Please shut up and pay!

He actually said "Taxes were collected without hurting people". Yeah right!

There just seems to be no end to this ruthless spending of money by the government. As fellow tweeter pavanvoice called it - this is "youth pension" !


Anonymous said...

The thing is, on this issue, even opposition can't do much as they promised the same in their manifesto.

CodeNameV said...

Brazenness. Utter brazenness. The attitude seems to be "we will do whatever we want, you cant do a fig about it!", but we will apply the universal ointment - "dont worry, it wont hurt"!

Unknown said...

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