Monday, January 31, 2011

Understanding the eternal opposition leader

In the summer of 2007, a gentlemen uttered these sagely sentences - "I belong to the family which has never moved backwards, which has never gone back on its words. You know that when any member of my family had decided to do anything, he does it. Be it the freedom struggle, the division of Pakistan or taking India to the 21st century,''

In the Spring of 2011, the same gentlemen asserts this - "Corruption is taking place because doors of the political system are closed and the average person who wants to do good is not allowed in"

To an innocent bystander, both these statements will sound very emphatic. The second one might even sound intellectual. Now, here's an interesting "trivia" that our media doesn't tell us. This gentleman's great grandfather headed this "political system" for 16 years. This gentlemen's grandmother later headed the "political system" for 17 years. After that, this gentlemen's father led the "political system" for 5 years. After a brief gap, this gentlemen's mother headed (and continues to head) the "political system" for 7 years now. Considering that not so long ago, we were enlightened of the fact that all that needs to be done for curing ills of this country is just a "decision" from his family, one cannot help but wonder this - what on earth has the "family" done for 17+16+5+7 = 45 years, to solve multiple burning issues?

No. You don't question him like that. You don't ask him - "What have you done?". Because then he will tell you this - The system is screwed up, and "you" have to come into politics and clean it. Again and again. Press Conference after press conference, meeting after meeting, speech after speech - every single event from that summer of 2007 declaration to the latest spring of 2011 assertion - he blames "you" for the malaise in the "system". He finds fault with "you" for being lazy enough to have elected his "family" and then not doing anything to clean the rot.

And then he feels there is little entertainment value in his speeches, so he comes up real gems. Gems that give us a glimpse into the wonderous thought process of this gentleman. Take a look at this video (save this folks, for this is one of those rare videos of his meeting with students. No press is ever present at any of his meetings). At the beginning he says "My greatgrandfather is from Allahabad and he moved to Kashmir. So I am from UP and Kashmir. My grandfather was a Parsi and he is from Mumbai. So I am from Mumbai. My mother is from Italy. (audience giggles, and he realises his folly!!!). I am from Delhi." If you are wondering why the audience is clapping here, please resist from such thoughts!

Later in the video, he intellectually compares the closed education system by saying this - "Imagine you are in your final year, for ever"! That is the closest he got to giving an example of a "closed system" - staying in your final year for ever. And pray what's stopping his "family" from opening up the system? Please, it's not his fault! And here's the irony of all - It was his family's rule for 17+16+5 years that kept the system closed. The 5 years that his "family" did not rule, was when the system opened up. Have you ever heard of the Prime Minister who "opened up the system"?

In case you are wondering where all politics is prevalent, he clears your confusion here - "Politics is everywhere. It's in your shirts. It's in your pants". He goes to Gujarat and compares Modi to Mao. He goes to UP and blames citizens there for electing Mayawati (explicitly implying that their "woes" are of their own making). Elsewhere he equates banned terrorist organisation SIMI to RSS. Corelating inflation to coalition politics has been his forte.

Another gem - he asserts to the people of Niyamagiri, Odisha that he is their "soldier" in Delhi. What has he done to "soldier" their cause? No. You don't ask that question. You know what - here's an open challenge - ask him what their "cause" is - I bet he will not be able to coherently explain!

And then there is the compliant media.

A pre-planned trip to Niyamagiri hills, coincided with the announcement of rejection of clearance (well, is it a mere coincidence? :D), and Nidhi Razdan of NDTV asked a panelists- "Is this a defining moment in Rahul Gandhi's career, like some seem to suggest". Who the "some" are - we will never know! Best headline - "Rahul Finally becomes a Gandhi".

Barack Obama visits India and woos investors, and the National Bureau Chief of CNN-IBN asks "Ironical that obama is wooing captains of an india that's shining to shore up his prospects back home, while here in india, rahul Gandhi continues to reach out to an india that's still in darkness. "

He gets asked "tough questions about farmer suicides" and the headline screams this - "Rahul Gandhi charms students - and a cop - in Pune". By the way, the article has NO mention of what the "tough questions" were and what the gentleman's "answers" were.

Students in Gujarat question him about his reluctance to see the development in Gujarat and it gets NO coverage in English media. Students in Bihar force his exit for talking politics in a meet, and it gets NO coverage in English media.

There are many more such instances of media coverage (which includes what he eats at which place, when and for how long he jogs daily etc) but I guess you people get the point.

In all these years, no one has asked him what "he" has done for the past 7 years. And a couple of days back, someone finally did ask him. And his answer - what he is trying to do will take 5-10 years to make a difference. Now, this man has been in politics for 7 years. He wants 10 more years. That's effectively 17 years - one full generation! And this also means that the media bhajan will continue for 10 more years.

Sadly, an impression has been imprinted so well into the gullible minds of unsuspecting youth that this gentleman, Rahul Gandhi, is the answer to all our ills. A cursory reading of various newspapers and viewing of various news channels only create the impression that he is the "eternal opposition leader" waiting and wanting to usher in the much needed change and relief to our "system". Like fellow commentator, Prasanna wrote, "At this point 2014 appears to be set for Rahul Gandhi’s ascendancy on account of anti-incumbency against UPA-2.(that’s called brilliance of Congress’s media assisted election management)".

And therein lies our tragedy.


Dan said...

What an inspired post. You are on fire! I can sense the tipping point of frustration, but the way you converted into such powerful writing - hats off, sir! And please, please, we want more of such powerful writing.

Anil Kohli said...

Hi Sudhir,

Thank you.

After reading this post; Question uppermost is not the individual who is the focus of it. He is what he is.

The worrisome fact is that mainstream English media is selling to us a product which ensures that we will not move an inch forward from where we were during the times of his great grand father.

Do we need such media at all? PR firms promoting poor products should be rejected by all of us.

Young Indians need to be guided and protected from this motivated sales pitch.

Anil Kohli

Gopi said...

Wish this can be published in a so-called "MSM" paper. Pl send to Kanchan Dada.

g2 said...

Amazing write up to include all your research points! Please keep up with the great work!

Kiran Kumar S said...

Very good writeup. I loved it.

The biggest irony of this gentleman's career is that when he blamed "coalition" politics for all of India's 2010 woes, he forgot that his mommy is the chairperson of U P A :)

CodeNameV said...

Sir, please take a bow. Though we have had so many commentators comment and lament about Rahul, the savior, the pieces didnt put all the comments he made in perspective. This post will be read, re-read and read again by future generation who, if at all interested in India, will read to understand what went wrong and what time.

My pick from the article:

Press Conference after press conference, meeting after meeting, speech after speech - every single event from that summer of 2007 declaration to the latest spring of 2011 assertion - he blames "you" for the malaise in the "system". He finds fault with "you" for being lazy enough to have elected his "family" and then not doing anything to clean the rot.

No body would be able to better this at least until next NDTV close-up on Rahul, the Gandhi.

Respect _/\_

Navrang said...

Bang on!!! But believe me despite so much of effort. *TheGandhi has been slammed on various occasions like in Delhi University Elections & then well known Bihar Assembly Election, where they fall flat.

It's time for media to correct themselves, else they will be slammed similarly.


Valve said...

kick Congress out of India forever

Anonymous said...

Outstanding!!! Publish it in paper and if they do not publish( knowing them to be doormats of powerful people they will certainly not publish) than paste it on walls all over India

kppradeep said...

Fantastic and your last two posts were really quick. Keep it up God save our Country from Rahul Ali Baba

me_indian said...

see the dimwit's quotes:

Anonymous said...

You sir are doing awesome work.

I think you forgot to mention one of the rare press interaction of the prince, in which he says Maoist problem can be solved in 15 minutes! No kidding!!

Media buried it of course, despite all journalists attending that meet.

Sudhir said...

Thank you guys for your comments :). Overwhelming really!

@Anon (the last guy :) ) - I missed this 15 minutes link somehow! you are right, his family had 2365200 minutes to solve it :D


Anonymous said...

As far as I know his great grandfather was from Kashmir, lived in Kashmir and moved to UP - and not the other way round. They did not move from UP to Kashmir.

IG said...

Mom is from italy!

Parmeshwari Choudhary said...

Hi Sudhir
When innocence is a bliss,it is foolish to be wise.our crown prince is trying to appeal the down trodden[SC]and minorities on emotions,and not on logics.English media now are partners in power broking.You wrote a very good article.Hope to see more from your desk

Unknown said...

One more reason why we need people like NBK in politics.

Vishal said...

It's sad to see how our media works. They always try to bury Modi and hype up Gandhi and succeed in doing so. The views that media present then become the views of a large young politically interested population of India.

I guess you are at your best when righting about Yuvraj :-)

prashhanthkpp said...

Very good chronology of an imbecile, who is advocated to be our future Prime Minister. God forbid that day, if it were to happen. Why, 'cause that would be the ultimate day the entire international community will stand laughing at Indians saying "you guys are better of with an imbecile like Rahul Gandhi because what you deserve is what you get"!!!

Well done Sudhirji.

Chaitanya said...

Thought provoking article. Please write similar articles on Lokpal and its effectiveness in preventing corruption. Media is trying to malign Anna team and dilute the Lokpal bill in favor of Congress. Please ignite our thinking with your pen.

Anonymous said...

Excellent!! You have captured every thought of the sensible Indian and articulated it awesomely!! The man has no clue about anything, the media laps up everything he says, they cant talk of a single achievement but they have already throned him!! what kind of morally corrupt media does our nation have??? It's said - the media should the constructive opposition, the representation of people, the conscience of the nation but unfortunately our media has failed in all three functions!! It is the Social media with all its sane tweeters and patriots who care about the Nation who are trying to make a difference!!

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