Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The co-relation between Inflation and Coalition

Inflation was taught to us as part of "Economics" in 9th class. So it's not really our fault when we assume that prices, interest rates etc that influence inflation are actually relateda to economics.

Now, here's where we are all wrong. The darling of the English TV media (especially NDTV), Shri Rahul Gandhi, has enlightened a group of students yesterday that price rise/inflation is not under control because the Congress in running a coalition government.

When a student wanted to know how come former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi could successfully contain price rise and corruption when she was at the helm of the affairs, Mr. Gandhi replied that Ms. Gandhi led a Congress government at the Centre whereas the UPA's was a coalition government.

First - the question itself is wrong (a testimony to how we are taught in schools!). Indira Gandhi fostered corruption - a universally acknowledged fact. She never contained corruption. Anyways, Shri Rahul Gandhi has now blamed the compulsions of coalition government in not being able to contain price rise! If you are wondering what the link is - here's the closest logical explanation one can assume - The President of International Cricket Council is also the Agriculture minister of India. Obviously his priorities lie elsewhere, and because he is a coalition partner, the Prime Minister is not able to take any action against him. And since we don't have a full time Agriculture minister, it is our fault and hence we bear the burden. And Rahul Gandhi gets the sympathy. That's the co-relation between Inflation and Coalition, as defined by Rahul Gandhi.

And if you think this is the only gyan he has meted out yesterday - here's more.

“The governments in U.P. and M.P. have been elected by you (the people),” Mr. Gandhi said, thus implying that since these were state subjects, the Congress cannot be blamed for their declining standards

Eh? Governments all over are elected by people only no? So, if tomorrow someone gets up and complains against UPA - will he dare say this - The government has been elected by you (thereby implying, please bear the burden without complaining much) ?


CodeNameV said...

Orchestrated questions get orchestrated answers. Its all a propaganda. The campaign for next general election has started I guess. Establish a congress govt with complete majority, we will control prices, as if they are doing some favor!

kppradeep said...

Our RaulVinci is a Harvard Graduate. He is so retarded that he cannot even name our states correctly. Like Cricket Match fixing his address to special audience must also have been fixed.
But for Twitter this Fake Gandhi would have taken India for a ride.

Sudhir said...

If, by chance, he gets a full majority - wonder what reasons he will give for his disastrous performance :)

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