Monday, April 26, 2010

That's all, your honour!: Apr 18-24

1. On February 7th, 2010, the Prime Minister emphatically declared that the worst is over with respect to food inflation. We are nearing April end, and hey guess what - inflation is still hovering around the same 17.5%. On what basis has the PM made that statement? What is the time frame he was talking about then? No one will bother to ask these questions, for the PM is a "honest" and "decent" man. The spiralling food prices are of a major concern, and when the BJP organised a massive rally against price rise in New Delhi this week - guess what sections of the media were worried about - traffic jams caused in Delhi because of this! No discussions of why the food inflation is still increasing. No discussion on the stagnant economic policies of the government. Or for that matter, not even a discussion on how this rally might have been a political show of strength by the new BJP President, Mr. Nitin Gadkari. No live coverage of the event. Nothing. They talked about traffic jam on a single day. Not that you people don't know, but this same media never talked about traffic jams when the "eternal opposition leader" Shri Rahul Gandhi went about travelling in Mumbai, or for that matter in other parts of the country. Any press conference of Shri Rahul Gandhi, or any public speech is ALWAYS carried live by these same news channels. But, a rally on price rise in the capital lead to traffic jams is what concerns us.

2. Post the Dantewada massacre, more rhetoric flowed from intellectuals. The same old crap - need development, gain confidence etc etc. While the intellectuals were dishing out this shit, guess what the Naxals have been doing. They attacked 5 CRPF camps in Dantewada, and also blew up a couple of mobile towers in Orissa. Why blow up a mobile tower? Because a mobile tower means better connectivity. Better connectivity means better development, which the Maoists are dead against. But hey, let's listen to the intellectuals, for without them, where would this country be?

3. And finally to the farce that EVERY single media channel has been covering for almost EVERY single minute this whole week. The IPL fiasco. So Shashi Tharoor resigned. And then the Congress started it's witch hunt (as is its wont). All the offices of IPL teams were raided. Lalit Modi was questioned. And then the big bosses of BCCI started leaking details about Lalit Modi's scams. NDTV's "sources" covered all possibilities, gave us multiple permutations and combinations of what can happen, passed them off as analysis. Some court cases etc also came into picture, some tax evasion issues came into the picture, some benami investors came into the picture, blah blah......yawwwnnnn. Lalit Modi might go as the IPL commissioner, but NOTHING will change. BCCI is a headstrong private organisation, and it will do nothing at all to change any of its functioning ways. Lalit Modi is just being expended because he took panga with Shashi Tharoor. And Shashi Tharoor pontificated
yet again on twitter - " my resignation leads to real reform, it will be worthwhile." Yeah right, you kept quiet when you knew about it, and now this! haa! That's all, your honour!


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