Sunday, April 11, 2010

That's all, Your Honour!:April 4-10

1. Post the massacre of 76 jawans in Dantewada, Home Minister P. Chidambaram accepted that the buck stopped at this desk. It was also later learnt that he offered to resign in the wake of this disaster, and it was rejected by the Prime Minister. On a recent visit to West Bengal, PC made a statement that the "buck stops with the CM". The CM of West Bengal asked PC to mind his language since "buck" is considered a slang. And when this massacre happened, obviously many people questioned as to where the buck will stop now given that CRPF jawans were killed. Semantics apart, what this massacre has revealed, irrespective of where the "buck stops", is that there are huge gaping holes in our security apparatus. Lack of planning, lack of recruitment, lack of vision, lack of co-operation etc are just so evident that it is frustrating to note soldiers have to sacrifice their lives for such ridiculous reasons. To be brutally frank, it is difficult to find a replacement for PC. The BJP said it right - we don't want you to resign. We want to you to perform.

By the way, Barkha Dutt hosts a show called "The Buck Stops Here" weekdays night at 10pm on NDTV. Coincidentally, on her shows, the buck seldom stops (multiple panelists for any issue and the buck is just passed), but the man who picked up that phrase finally agreed that the buck stopped at his desk!

2. A worker in a Delhi market cut a piece of scrap, and guess what happened then? A radioactive material Cobalt leaked!!! Yes, you read it right. This scrap was supposed to have been imported (why we import scrap, I have no clue!); which means that there has been a serious security lapse somewhere because this radioactive isotope is something we are supposed to keep track of! 6 people have been hospitalised, and most probably a couple of them are serious (suspected bone marrow). A good report on the repurcusions of the whole issue is here.

3. Finally the curfew in the old city of Hyderabad has been lifted! After a full 12 days. A small breakthrough also has
been achieved when the police arrested 3 youth for murdering 3 people during these riots. All thos conspiracy theories will now be forgotten. All those enquiries will never end now, and the political parties will be back to their bickerings, whilst the common man still lives in the danger of another such riot happening.

4. Justice Dinakaran has been asked to head the Sikkim High Court. Quite expectedly, the Sikkim bar association has already started its protest against treating it as a dumping ground. Wondering what is so great about it? Justice Dinakaran was Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court, when he was accused of large scale corruption in some land deals in his home state of Tamil Nadu. The case went upto an Supreme Court (SC) collegium, which "advised" him to go on long leave. Note it, the advise was only to go on leave. And our Justice Dinakaran apparently did not want to go on leave. Karnataka lawyers already protested multiple times demanding his removal. A tainted Chief Justice is the last thing any justice system anywhere in the world would want, but hey - what is the brilliant idea that SC comes up with? Send him to Sikkim. That's all, your honour! (literally :D).


sanjay said...

a few years back maoists didn't had the wherewithal to carry out offensive action of this magnitude, they were armed but well within the capabilities of the state police, the rise in their lethality has been fast, now i doubt if they are within the capabilities of even the PMFs, the saddest part is there is still no clarity on how to deal with this.

thota said...

fantastic sir..........

thota said...

sir,i have one suggestion ,add google language translator.

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