Wednesday, April 7, 2010

To the 76 brave men ...

76 brave men died yesterday. All I want to do is salute them for their sacrifice. I know it is no consolation to the families. It is of no consequence to them too, that the nation feels their pain. I feel helpless too, but this is the only thing I can do right now - Remember them. And the hundreds of many such brave souls who died fighting a war that the government refuses to call a war.

While the government expertly
analyses the situation;and while unadulterated rhetoric is mouthed off; while english media journalists have no qualms in still engaging with the romanticizers of Naxalism/Maosim/whatever shit it is called - 76 families lost their breadwinners in the most gory fashion. These families deserve answers, not debates. Who is responsible for the latest attack? Trust me, no ONE will be held responsible. No ONE will be sacked, punished or even touched. And when the next attack happens, the same analysis, the same rhetoric, the same "debate", and we will move on.

Well meaning people have suggested the
way forward (infact each time there is an attack, many well meaning suggestions came out), but lack of "political will" apparently is putting brake on implementation. Yet, the families will never get their answer. I salute these soldiers, for they placed nation above self and that to my mind is the greatest sacrifice. The saddest part - it might go in vain :(

PS: This link has poigant stories.


Sruthi said...

its not lack of political will... or implementation. its just wrong. targetting innocent tribals on the name of naxalism and not listening to them makes them prone to such ideology. the govt has become antidemocratic.

Anonymous said...

whether it is fighting terrorism or naxalism or development of any state, it is all about political will. Congress has ignored the development of NE states and all tribal areas for 50 years.

Rising Gladiator said...

@shruti: tht is the biggest ambush being played by both sides, govt n armed maoist. Agreed the innocent tribals r being hurt n killed, bt so r d soldiers, n if tht d case cn u answer maoist killing villagers/ blasting development. Its preety fancy of tlking humanitarian, bt ground realities r diff, n to these govt is equally responsible, n for this armd maoist, their sympathisers n even govt is responsible.
We r loosing bravehearts, its no mean thing n no nthng can justify their killing .. PERIOD

Sruthi said...

reason vs emotion, rising gladiator. no reason can change ur emotion since u put a period. :-)

Sudhir said...

@Sruthi - Don't you think your statement that the government has become anti-democratic is too strong? Justifying the killing of jawans by saying tribals were insulted takes us nowhere. Naxals are no saints, they don't care for the upliftment of the tribals. That is common knowledge. Tribals get pulled into the fight because they have no choice. They are damned if they do, or even if they don't. And the brain washing, the massive planning is not done by the tribals, but the "leaders" of Maoists.

No one is denying the fact that the government could have concentrated more on the development, but hey it did not torture them in the first place? Will you take up arms because development does not reach you?

The sad thing about being these tribals is that, the police view them with suspicion because they have to help naxals out of fear. The police going overboard to extract information about Naxals might be reason enough for them to get peeved, but to take up arms and declare that the take over of the nation is their ultimate aim is a crime. Doesn't matter who does it!

AP model is there for everyone to see. Development was taken into the people, and simultaneously the violent cadre was eliminated. This way, AP is much more peaceful than before.

Sorry for the long rant, but blindly stating that only the tribals took up the guns out of anger doesn't sound like a sound logic.

- Sudhir

Sruthi said...

sudhir... yes, the AP model... even the mining.


thr is no justification to what maoists hv done. thr is no justification to what the govt is doing.

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