Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Look who's talking!

For the past few days, all the news that we have been hearing on TV is about IPL. This "source" told that, that "source" revealed this blah blah, etc etc. All other issues were simply kept aside. And then today, we have two people who say the following on twitter.

The first is from Barkha Dutt, Group Editor of NDTV
"maybe because the depths of dirt in the IPL seem so out of reach to public scrutiny, its beginning to wear me out. Time to move on?"

The second is from Sagarika Ghose, Senior Editor, CNN-IBN
"Must confess, increasingly underwhelmed by IPL. price rise, maoism, PM meets Lula, medvedev. Yet Lalit modi dominating mindspace!"

These guilt trips by people who are best placed to choose what to cover and for how long, have become very frequent increasingly. And then they blame us for complaining that TV media is becoming a drab. Need we really say anything more? :D


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