Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rs. 62,00,00,000/-

Rs. 62 crores

That is the amount paid by the AP Government to Sakshi newspaper last year for advertisements. In contrast, Eenadu was given ads worth Rs. 22 crores only. And of course, all the other papers were given much less than that.

So, the government very convieniently decides to blatantly misuse public funds to support the newspaper run by its boss, and yet we are supposed to take it all as part of the game. This does not qualify as a scam. On top of that, Sakshi newspaper anyway gave free publicity to the government, so it's not like as if the ads would have made any difference to the content of the newspaper.

After YSR's demise, Sakshi paper and TV have been continously publishing/telecasting negative stories about the government. It has become worse than Eenadu in its propangda. Just because Jagan has not been made the CM, the newspaper is going hammer and tongs against the government run by his own party! Withing 2 months of YSR's demise, suddenly everything is just screwed up in AP. Nice way of showing "obedience to Madam."