Sunday, November 8, 2009

So many points, so little time! : Nov.1-7

1. A compromise has been reached. No no, wait, it hasn't been reached yet. With respect to the Karnataka situation, this is exactly what happened every single day of last week. We are told a compromise is reached only to know later it was not to be! Every single day. The BJP's high command just doesn't seem to have a proper grasp of the situation. It has just been dilly dallying on this issue for too long now. Some 50 MLA's apparently resigned too, in support of the Reddy brothers. Poor Yedyurappa. He even cried on TV last night. The Bellary brothers have made his life that miserable.
2. Last year, Chiranjeevi announced that he will eradicate corruption. And last week, he entered into an alliance with the Congress. Answer to me this? How can you eliminate corruption when you are aligning with the Congress?! By the way, the alliance broke immediately after it was announced. The Congress party goons in AP were back to form after a long time. As soon as the alliance was announced, there was large scale protests, and Veerappa Moily announced that there is no alliance just hours after Chiranjeevi's party announced that they will ally with the Congress! After this fiasco, Congress announced it's candidates for the upcoming elections to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. And all hell broke lose! A MLA was gheroaed and beaten up. Aspirants who didnt get tickets were beaten up! All this was captured on live TV, and then very conveiniently rubbished off as a normal happening. Yeah right, it might be normal for you folks, but surely it isn't for us.

3. Finally a government took oath in Maharasthra. It took more than 2 weeks for the Congress and the NCP to come to a compromise. Wondering why the delay? Here is the story. Congress won 82 seats and NCP won 62 seats. So now you would think what is so complicated about distributing ministries, Congress will get a lot more than NCP. Here comes the twist. NCP contested only 114 seats and won 62 seats(54%). Congress contested 174 seats and won 82 (47%). Therefore the NCP bargained very hard for ministries. Now Congress gets 23 ministerial berths, NCP gets 20 (amongst these are Finance and Home). However, one doubt still lingers in my mind. What exactly is the purpose of NCP? I mean, it split from Congress and was established because it did not want Sonia to become PM. Now that she does not want to become the PM, why not just merge the party with Congress and avoid all this bickering?