Sunday, November 15, 2009

So many points, so little time! : Nov. 8-14

1. This was one overdose that I did not mind this week. Sachin Tendulkar completed 20 years in International cricket, and the media went gaga over it. But then, each time we saw him hit those amazing shots over the last 20 years, we were never bored, so just one week did not make any difference at all! Infact, it only enriched our memories and made me feel lucky to have been able to see him play all through these years. I will just continue to enjoy his game a long as he plays, and the day he retires is the day when the enjoyment will stop.

2. In UP, Mayawati won 10 out of the 11 seats for which by-elections were held. And yet the media kept on saying "Rahul Gandhi driven Congress" is emerging. I don't get it, if a party loses 10 seats, how is it the leader's credit that they are emerging?!

3. So, MNS MLA's beat up SP MLA in Maharashtra assembly. All parties religiously condemned it. And then the MLA's were suspended. Am sure, their suspension will be revoked sooner than later. And then we all will move on. First, we allow such precedents and then we rue the fact that politics has stooped down to such levels.

4. Speaking of stooping down, R.R. Patil, who was Home Minister of Maharashtra when 26/11 happened, was reinstated as the Home Minister this week. This single action speaks volumes about how low we can stoop to.

5. So finally the Karnataka crisis was resolved. Well, resolved might be the wrong word to use. The Central leadership gave in to the deamnds of the minig lobby and capitulated itself. The only saving grace was the CM will continue to remain in office. The Central leadership might pat itself for this "victory" but the cadre is even more sure now about the need for a change at the helm!

6. Forbes announced the most powerful persons list. Amongst the top 50 are Obama, Osama, Manmohan Singh and Dawood Ibrahim! What a combination, sirji!