Friday, November 6, 2009

God is on our side :)

Before you think this is an article on religion, no J

Last night someone put a message on twitter. Whoever wins, GOD is still on our side! This was referring to Sachin Tendulkar's awesome (u know, we all ran out of superlatives to describe him) innings in Hyderabad! Australia hit 350 runs. We were chasing it.

Indian team hit 347 runs. Sachin Tendulkar hit 175 runs in that. Just imagine. More than half the score came from him. More importantly, the manner in which he played his innings was fascinating. It was a treat to watch. I can go on with more superlatives, but I guess we all get the point J .

People keep saying this was Sachin of the 90's. I disagree. He was always like this. And obviously your game changes with time, so there is just no point comparing. We just have to sit back and enjoy the magic he spins from time to time. We are just lucky to have been there to see him play! Like the guy on twitter said – GOD is on our side!

Trivia: Yesterday, it was exactly 20 years since he was named for the Indian squad to Pakistan. And he came up with an innings of his and our lifetime.