Sunday, November 29, 2009

So many points, so little time! :Nov 22-28

1. Babri Masjid in Ayodhya was demolished in 1992. And the then government appointed Justice Liberhan to head a one man commission to submit a detailed report. 17 years later, in 2009, the final report is ready. Before it was officially tabled in Parliament, it was very selectively leaked to media. And when all hell broke lose, the report was tabled in Parliament. And because it took 17 years to prepare the report, all of us had lot of expectations. We downloaded the 130MB (1000 pages) document from the Internet and started to read it. Then all hell broke lose again!!! The whole report looked like a high school essay in which practically every aspect of post independence history of India was discussed. And in the section that was meant to recommend action against conspirators, Justice Liberhan spoke about constitutional reforms, bureaucratic reforms etc. He gave us a lecture on secularism and various other such topics. What we all knew 17 months after the demolition, Mr. Justice took 17 years to document it! It cost 8 crores just in salaries/perks for him and his staff in these 17 years. Talk about waste of public exchequer!

2. If you think the report was funny, you should read the Action Taken Report (ATR) by the government
here. The ATR is replete with two words - "Noted". "Agreed". Poor Mr. Liberhan. He must have been fuming that after his 17 years of "hard work", all that the government had to say was "Noted". Please do read the ATR, it is bound to lighten up your mood!

3. It has been an year since the gory attacks on Mumbai happened. In Parliament, the opposition asked why compensation has been delayed to the victims. Government accused the opposition of politicising the issue, and all hell broke lose. The media then forgot about the compensation and started asking questions like "Will our politicians stop fighting?". Very conveiniently, instead of debating the question, we started to debate the timing of the question. Wow.

4. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited US this week. No agreement was signed, a joint press conference was held in which only 2 questions were allowed to be asked. The first question to Obama was not about Indo-US relations, but about US's new policy towards Afghanisthan! And then one Indian reporter asked the PM when the nuclear deal will be finalised. He says, we are dotting the i's and crossing the t's. Please don't ask how long that will take. Afterall, the PM knows everything!

5. Amar Singh held the collar of a fellow MP in Rajya Sabha. The link is
here. The news died very quickly, primarily because Amar Singh was at fault!