Saturday, June 2, 2012

When Modi met and did not meet Advani

So IBN Live had a banner headline last evening. 

A few moments later, the Gujarat Chief Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi tweets this

You see that? A whole article was written espousing some wierd conspiracy theory of Mr. Modi not meeting Mr. Advani. And what does IBN do after this tweet comes out? 

I urge you to read both the articles. There is only one line difference between both the reports: 

Earlier line: 

Changed line in the next report:

That's it. Apart from this line, the entire report in both the links is EXACTLY the same. No difference at all. 

More importantly, IBN has NOT appologised for mis-leading it's viewers. Why?


Anonymous said...

MUST SEE : Two Pic's >>> EXPOSE IBN LIVE <<<: #Paidmedia

last best buddy said...

paid media do not know how to react to their own lies,look pathetic

Anonymous said...

Anonymous ... that link is not available

viva_andya said...

now who will expose these imbecile media guys!!

Here's a funny article on Rahul Gandhi

viva_andya said...

A satire take on BJP's developing cracks

Mitul said...

Sudhir, you can embed whole tweet in this blog instead of cutting image. Click on the " Embed this Tweet" link on tweet page and it will give you html code to put in your blog.

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