Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bye-elections in AP: Details of the seats

16 MLAs from the Congress party and1 MLA from the erstwhile Praja Rajyam Party voted against their party whips against the Congress government in Andhra Pradesh, way back in December 2011. The Speaker took his own sweet time to disqualify these 17 MLAs (he disqualified 16 and accepted the resignation of the lone (erstwhile) PRP MLA). 

These 17 MLAs were supporting YSR's son, Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy. 

Cine actor, Chiranjeevi resigned from his Tirupati assembly seat because he got "promoted" to Rajya Sabha by the Congress party. 

One member of Lok Sabha from the Congress party also resigned in support of Jagan. 

That makes it 18 Assembly seats and 1 Lok Sabha seat that will be going to the bye-polls on the 12th of June. 

Following is the list of the constituencies and the top 5 vote winners in each constituency in the 2009 general election. I will put up the list of candidates for this election as soon as they are available on the Election Commission site. 

This post will be a primer for readers to understand how people voted in the 2009 elections. Except for the Tirupati seat, winners from all the other seats are now contesting under the aegis of YSRCP. 

The Parkal and Tirupati seat results are also being keenly watched. Parkal result will show if the sentiment for Telangana runs stronger than the sentiment for YSRCP. The fight here might be a tight contest between TRS, BJP and YSRCP. The number of votes BJP got might be very less in 2009, but the recent election victory in Mahbubnagar (BJP got ~2000 votes in 2009 in the same seat) tells a different story. 

The Tirupati seat is being watched keenly because this will be seen as a verdict of the people on Chiranjeevi's decision to merge his party into the Congress. It is widely expected that the Congress party will lose here and a mere confirmation is awaited on June 15th. 

The contest in majority of the other 16 seats will mostly be one-sided. YSRCP is expected to win a majority (or even maybe a clean sweep) of these seats. These election results will alter the course of AP politics for sure. We will discuss more in upcoming posts.

For now, here's a look of the top five performers in each constituencies in 2009. Please click on the image for better viewing :). 

The Legend is this:

104. Parkal (2009 result)

127. Narsannapeta (2009 result)

152. Payakraopet (2009 result)

161. Ramachandrapuram (2009 result)

177. Narsapuram (2009 result)

186. Polavaram (2009 result) 

212. Prathipadu (2009 result)

220. Macherla (2009 result) 

227. Ongole (2009 result)

242. Udayagiri (2009 result)

244. Rajampet (2009 result) 

246. Kodur (2009 result) 

247. Rayachoti (2009 result) 

253. Allagadda (2009 result) 

263. Yemmiganur (2009 result) 

267. Rayadurg (2009 result) 

272. Ananthapur Urban (2009 result) 

286. Tirupati (2009 result) 

1 Lok Sabha constituecy is also going to polls. 

39. Nellore


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