Sunday, May 6, 2012

That's all, Your Honour!: April 29-May 5

Short updates this week. Not feeling too well. 

1. In a tragic accident, more than a 100 people were killed when a ferry in Assam capsized when a storm hit unexpectedly while it was ferrying in the Brahmaputra river. More than 200 people were reported missing also. The ferry was supposed to be carrying more than 400 people. Unfortunately, news about rescue and recovery operations have dried up after a couple of days. We are not yet sure as to how many people have died and how many survived. Meanwhile, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, as is his wont, visited Assam to console the families. This tragedy has also bought into the forefront the little amount of coverage the north-east part of India gets. But as always, nothing came out of this "introspection". 

2. Alex Paul Menon, the district collector of Sukma in Chattisgarh was finally released by those murderous Maoists this week. He was held as a hostage by them for 12 days. While kidnapping him, the murderers killed both his security guards. A negotiating team that comprised of representatives from the government and the murderers could finally secure the release of Alex. Apparently, the only deal reached was to have a relook at the cases filed against some leaders of this murderers. The Chattisgarh CM has also highlighted the urgent need for a hostage negotiation policy to be put in place. With the Maoists daring the governments with their kidnapping and murders, it is infact high time to get something in place. 

3. And lastly, Jaya Bachchan asked the Rajya Sabha Chairam to change her seat. Reason? Because Rekha's seat is right behind her! Rekha was nominated by the President to the Rajya Sabha. The question everyone is asking is this - was Rekha nominated (by Sonia Gandhi) just to embarass the Bachchans? That's all, Your Honour! 


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