Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Madam - where are you?

For the last five years, all that we have been hearing from Congress people in the state is that "Madam has a full grip of the Telangana issue. She will take the final decision and that decision will be a favourable one". That's all we have been hearing. Madam will decide, madam will decide.

Our esteemed Chief Minister loses no opportunity to heap praises on Madam. Never loses a chance to invoke the name of Madam. We were told that the 11:45pm announcement on Dec.9th was Madam's birthday gift. Recently, 13 Telangana ministers resign and send their resignation letters to the CM. Not to the CM, not to the Governor, but to Madam.

All these incidents led me to believe that Madam is the all permeating, super caring, ever vigilant saviour of my state. She is the only person in this entire country who is capable and eligible to solve all problems we all face. She is the ONE, the ONLY.

Today my state, that twice sent about 30 MP's so that Madam can be in power, is in distress. For the last one month, her favourite aam aadmi has been suffering the most, hooligans have decided to hold my state to ransom, making demands at gunpoint. No word from Madam. These hooligans are forcing shops to close, burning buses and damaging public property. Not a single word from Madam. Colleges are being closed, businesses are leaving AP, summits are being shifted. Still, not a single word from Madam. Fear gripped large sections of people, governance has literally come to a standstill. Yet ... (you all know what's coming)

Infact, we are now being told by our national media folks that it was PC who bungled this. Implying Madam had nothing to do with it. But then, that was not what we were told no ... We were told Madam is awesome and she will take the final decision.

Congress people keep on saying that because TDP said yes to a resolution, Congress okayed the Dec.9th announcement. Wait a minute - weren't we told that the caring Madam will take the ultimate decision?

We are sometimes also told that Madam's present strategy is also brilliant - this violence will stop over time and people will live happily ever after. If time heals, then what is the need for Madam?? My friend called me up on Sunday and asked me, "Who is Madam to decide all this?".

My question is a little different - Where is Madam? Will the national media care to ask?


Teja said...

The simple answer is a big NO. Media never bothers to ask either MADAM or SIR RAHUL.

Sandeep said...

"MADAM", "HIGH COMMAND", "BIRTHDAY GIFT" etc. etc. is all humbug.

The situation in state would not have been this if proper measures with a pinch of common sense were taken on time by the people at the helm of affairs.

But it is Congress and it will always be the same anywhere you go any damned state ruled by the party. Shabby, Crappy n what not!!

Pardon my language but this sickening leadership is affecting daily life....people need to watch out for bandh every other day and immediately rush to petrol bunk, get the groceries fearing a major clash/riot/article-what-not being imposed on the land of nawabs!

All this loss of public time, public money, public property and nobody accountable. I won't be surprised if Congress washes its hands off this total chaos tomorrow with some lame excuse or blame on other party.

Anonymous said...

Can these Chamcha's of MADAM stop praising and fooling around and start working for the people who made them sit in that position...

I really feel... when ppl who know so much about the country and who have seen the country evolve can decide.. HOW CAN MADAM - SONIA with GANDHI tag line decide... BULL SHIT...

SysErr said...

hehehe..... Holy cow !

Prabhod said...

oh wait she is also one of the most Power full woman on earth.... or that is what Times magazine has said...

Arun said...

Chidambaram terms demand for bifurcation of TN ''absurd''
We are the last of the states whose leaders still run to Delhi begging outsiders to decide our fate. Both PC and Pranab have a very different take when it comes to bifurcating their own states.

Arun said...

RSS disapproves of statehood for Telangana
This is good, considering BJP is the only major party to support Telangana. I hope RSS can reign in ABVP too, which is doing a lot of damage on this issue.

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