Monday, December 28, 2009

That's all, Your Honour!:Dec.20-26

1. Now Sharad Pawar lays the blame for price rise on state governments and global warming. Acutally I am not suprised that he is blaming global warming for the crisis in agriculture. What is however very surprising is that he didn't use this as an excuse to go to Copenhagen and have some fun there. Strange are the ways they surprise us :D

2. Just couple of months after the central government enacted the farce of Austerity measures comes a bill through which any MP can take relatives along with him on flights and the government will pay for it. I mean, I understand paying for the MP's flight charges and maybe his wife's...but relatives too? Whatever happened to cost-cutting.

3. So after 12 full days of hectic negotiations, the Copenhagen climate summit finally failed. Some countries and newspapers diplomatically called the outcome as "not upto expectations". Whatever! Western world blames the eastern one, and vice versa. So we are back to square one. Some hectic last minute talks between the heads of the state of US, Brazil, India, China, and South Africa led to a some formal drafting of a document. As usual, US intepreted this document in one way and our country interpreted it in the exact opposite way!

4. Vijayawada MP, L.Rajagopal decides to escape from Vijayawada! 15 hours later, he turns up in NIMS, getting down from an auto and running into the hospital! In the meanwhile, P. Chidambaram says there is need for more extensive negotiations. With that announcement, the agitations in Andhra and Rayalseema regions stopped. But then when our clown KCR is around, will this issue ever die? He again announces that this is a betrayal, the movement will start again blah blah. They again call for a bandh, burnt some buses, pelted some stones and bought life to a standstill. Yet, the violence is being termed as a movement. Shame.

5. Speaking about shame, a young girl Ruchika was molested by an IPS officer in 1990. The officer started harassing her family after she filed a complaint. Ruchika committed suicide three years later. She was 17 then. And last week, a court handed the IPS officer punishment. Guess what - he gets a full 6 months in jail plus he has pay a whopping Rs. 1000/- as fine. 19 years after he molested, this is what he got. Ohh wait, in these 19 years, this guy went on to become the DGP of Haryana too. The media too woke up to this travesty of justice, and is now demanding proper justice. 6 months for child abuse?? If not now, when else would you want to apply the strictest of punishments?

6. By the way, AP's governor (now former) N.D.Tiwari felt that the people of the state are a little vexed up with the Telangana issue and decided to provide them some relief. ABN Andhra Jyothy channel carried out a sting operation and released nude pictures of this guy along with call girls right in the Raj Bhavan!! Expectedly, he resigned, but this crook needs to be given harsher punishments.

7. BJP apparently has decided to support Shibu Soren for CM in Jharkhand. So finally the party with a difference has emerged as a party with no difference. Shibu Soren of all people??


Teja said...

Allright, I have been itching to write about this (point 2) for a while. They have just passed the bill to do things lawfully. This is plain nensensical way of running things. Relatives? Man o man they got be serious.

I am not surprised Copenhagen has ended this way. BASIC has it's agenda, african nations have their own and obviously the developed countries would not give enough money for developing nations to curtail their emissions.

6 months and Rs.1000 fine? you got be kidding me...this is the biggest joke. This tells me our justice system is a big bufoon. I can do nothing but laugh about it. Having sex in Raj Bhavan and he just gets to resign and go his way. Hahahaha. Seriously..why would anyone want to be a CM?

Arun said...

Two links:
How China sabotaged climate talks

Tiwari's OSD got women in: Raj Bhavan security chief

Sudhir said...

Thanks for the links Arun...first one was very informative..something that our media will not cover :(.

Also, Maybe the OSD tested before NDT enjoyed ;-)


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