Monday, December 7, 2009

Must read Cover story by THE WEEK

Right from the "Letter from the managing editor" to the detailed interview with Vinita Kamte, this week's cover story of THE WEEK is simply awesome. The cover story is about covert operations by both IB and RAW to nab terrorists supported by ISI and operating from Nepal. Every article has insightful details of operations, how the ISI shamelessly pursued terror againt India, how innocent lives were rescued etc. I will present the link for each article and also will make some observations on each of them :)

1. Letter from the Managing Editor:
Click here.

This is basically an intorduction letter tell us what to expect. Hats off to Senior Correspondent Syed Nazakat for piecing together the story on the operations. However, what caught my attention was this question by the editor - "did the widow of a martyr have to apply through the RTI for the postmortem report?". Isn't it a shameful reflection of the system that even post mortem reports have to be obtained in this way?

2. No Pals in Nepal.
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This is the main story detailing various operations of RAW and IB in nabbing atleast 400 terrorists till now. Interesting pieces of information are all revealed here. For example, it is mentioned that there were 4 flights per week from Pakistan to Nepal and there was just no commercial justification for them. ISI was using these flights to transport weapons into Nepal!. Do read the entire article for extremely interesting points. I will stop here for now ;-)

3. Charge of the Tigress.
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These are one of the most explosive findings of 26/11 and sadly most of the media are not presenting them threadbare to us. I really feel great about the work Vinita Kamte h done despite the loss of her husband in the most tragic circumstances. Some of her revelations about how politicians passed irresponsible statements make your blood boil. he same politicians are still enjoying power this day, while the families of martrys are still searching for answers. It is a real shame that our system plainly refuses to learn from mistakes. Please read and also forward the article to as many as possible.

4. Interviews.

Brief, but interesting, interviews have been conducted with the incharge of IB (
click here), RAW (click here , I like his statement "It is a game of scoundrels played by gentleman" !), Nepal's Home Minister (click here) and of a Gorkha arrested in 2001.

I assure you, these articles are of great learning value. Special thanks to @centerofright in twitter for providing this story.