Sunday, March 4, 2012

That's all, Your Honour! Feb.26 - Mar.3

This has been a very slow and calm week. Maybe this is the calm before the storm :) Results of the 5 states that went into elections this year, will be out on March 6th. And that's when all hell will break lose :) 

Meanwhile, in Andhra Pradesh, the buggle for another bye-election has been sounded. The Speaker of the AP Assembly has finally disqualified 16 MLA's and accepted the resignation of 1 MLA. 16 MLA's were from the congress party. 1 MLA was from the erstwhile Praja Rajyam party (which is officially yet to merge with the congress in the assembly). Election Commission was indicating of completing all elections by the end of May, given that they need to prepare for the Presidential elections in July. It most definitely looks like the congress party will be losing badly in these elections. The interesting thing to observe in this election is - who will come first? TDP or YSRCP? For that, we have to wait two more months! 

Why are we so sure that the congress will lose - sample this news item just last week. In summary, industries don't get power for a whopping 15 days a week! And apart from this, we have 2-12 hour domestic power cuts across the state. What progress is remotely possible with such dismal management? That's all, your honour! 


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