Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rahul Dravid retires...

Finally, I would like to thank the Indian cricket fan, both here and across the world. The game is lucky to have you, and I have been lucky to play before you

Thus ended Rahul Dravid's retirement announcement. And it was at this moment that it sunk in - that he will not play for India anymore. Many articles have been written, many eulogies have poured in. An earlier speech by him in Australia prompted me to write a blogpost about him in detail. I really have nothing more to add, than to thank Rahul Dravid - as a Indian cricket fan, I have been lucky to see you play (at Hyderabad, vs New Zealand in a test match!). 

The modesty of the man is quite evident in this press conference after the announcement. He says he was nowhere as talented as the youngsters of this generation are!! 

Take a look at this blogpost - this person writes about the importance Rahul played in the records of other batsmen. What did he do? He stay put at the other end. He gave the other batsmen strength. And in the process, he too scored centuries and reached milestones, but they are not talked about for the other batsmen went on to score more than him! That is his biggest contribution - he stay put. 

And ofcourse, who better than his wife to give us insights into his preparation! This article by her is just brilliant. It is a must read for all. 

And finally, the usual suspects will anyway pay glowing tributes. The best tribute came from this article from a fan - fascinating really. Please read that too. 

Ofcourse, the talk of who will replace Rahul Dravid has begun. Only the number 3 position in the batting line-up will be replaced. Not Rahul Dravid. 

Thank you once again Rahul Dravid, for all those memories. We will miss you on field :(. 


Rising Gladiator said...

Beyond saying thank u to Rahul Dravid, we as Cricket fan, can never have more to say, for all the adjectives gets diluted which even attempts to project Rahul Dravid's effect on cricket and its fans.

All those (including me) who felt Dravid was not given his due as much as he deserved, lets just wait for one more test - when India looses a wicket and Dravid will not b in dressing room to go out in the middle ... every Indian ... will just remember Dravid - The WALL ... n trust me in tht prayer, DRAVID will not b replaced by any one

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