Sunday, June 19, 2011

That's all, Your Honour! : June 12-18

1. And the spectre of corruption just never seems to end. The Hindu published a CAG report, which concluded that there has been an as yet "unquantifiable loss" to government (public money) because of largesse showered by the Manmohan Singh government on Reliance. The project in question is the huge oil reserves project in AP - The Krishna-Godavari basin, also known as KG. As many people have pointed out satirically - this government is now embroiled in G scams :D... 2G, CWG and now KG! Anyways, coming to the main issue - there were two main points which CAG pointed out. One - Reliance and Cairn (the operator of the fields) were allowed to take control of vast tracts of land (1600 sq kms) in which no oil resources were found, despite the clause stating so clearly. 1600 sq kms! The second one relates to some capital expenditure inflation (I don't understand financial terms very well :( ) so that Reliance will end up paying less money to the government. And of course, the government has turned a blind eye to this inflation by Reliance - thereby causing a loss that CAG says it can't quantify now. And ofcourse, all this happened under the most honest and decent PM we have ever seen. And ofcourse - the concerned ministry is "examining" the report, your honour!

2. Swami Nigamanand was fasting since February, demanding that mining around Ganga be banned. The Uttarakhand government passed an order banning the mining activities around Ganga, but one of the miners got a stay from High Court. Swami Nigamanand was protesting against this, and went on a fast unto death. And he passed away this week. What is very shocking is that a person was just allowed to die like this. This is really outrageous. There are doubts on his death too - that he was poisoned too. However, none of that is confirmed and in all probability we will never know about the real cause of his death. May his soul rest in peace.

3. And the fight over LokPal continues. Anna Hazare and his team members are vexed with the government. Congress and government are vexed with Anna Hazare and team, and are going all out to discredit them. And the english TV media are joining the chorus with the government. All behaviour is on expected lines - only that general public are being made fools. That's all, your honour!


prashhanthkpp said...

Sirji, did you deliberately miss out on Uma Bharathi's re-induction to BJP? Or did I perhaps overlook it in your last two weeks' posts, though I did scan it?

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