Friday, December 3, 2010

Trysts with MSM - Part 14: Basic Grammar 101

MSM stands for Main Stream Media.

In response to this question/demand/request to Vikram Chandra from me :

btw, @vikramchandra pls change the name of the program "India decides at 9". You/NDTV don't wholly represent India.

Vikram Chandra replies:

@ssudhirkumar and you do?

Now, at no stage did I say I do. Nor was the question framed as "India is asking you to change the name". It was just asking him to change the name of the program he anchors.

For those responses, he replies next day:

@ssudhirkumar of all your rants, this one takes the cake! "India Decides @ 9" doesn't mean decides on THIS show. Basic grammar 101

@ssudhirkumar 9 pm just happens to be one of the most watched slot. Across channels.

@ssudhirkumar having said that, i don't personally think it is the catchiest of titles so, for once, you may well get your wish..

I guess I have to indebted to NDTV for teaching me English. Once upon a time, Nidhi Razdan declared that I do not know English and today Vikram Chandra teaches me Grammar 101.

My apologies to you Vikram, for being dumb enough to think that "India Decides at 9" means exactly that and not the contrary.

Update on May18:

They have decided to change the name of the program :)


Thyagarajan said...

Somehow these buffoons seems to think that they can get away with this tomfoolery and facetiousness. Keep it up mate. I guess you are really giving them a run for their money

Dirt Digger said...

Reading what these morons like VC tweet or blog or write makes me puke. Pompous ridiculous trash being passed off as exposes and reports.
Wish i had the money to buy one of these channels and fire some of these chumps.
(Just the vodka talking).

Bonda said...

ha ha I couldn't stop laughing!!! ask VC ... if he want to spend some intimate moments with his wife(who is a part of India)..does that mean he decides at 9PM :P ... that title doesn't have a head or more arguments DOT

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