Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Experiments with Photography - Part 6

My brother got this kickass camera from the US. Nikon D3000 with extra lense (has some wierd name). I am telling you - it is just kickass! Tried taking pictures of pigeons in our balcony today. And the last picture is.... well...let's just leave it at there :D


Chandu said...

Nice pics Sudhir....
baagaa improvement kanabaduthundhi ;)

last foto enti? fiancée ki konna bouquet aa?
or fiancée neeku pampina bouquet aa??

Akanksha said...

OOooooooh!! Sexy camera!!! Your brother's so awesome.. first the phone.. now this! Can I make him my brother too???

Krisnendu said...

Simply Superb

A Line of Thought said...

Nen kooda asking same Q as Chandu. Aa last pic denidi?! ;-)

Sudhir said...

About the last pic - We should all follow a don't ask, don't tell policy :D

But anyways, to kill your thrill - I got that bouquet to welcome my brother at the airport :D

Akanksha - sure you can :P - but then this cam will go back with my brother to the US ...so :D

@Krishendu - thanks :)

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